Easy Scrapbook Paper Banner

Easy Scrapbook Paper Banner

My sewing machine was another casualty in our RV wreck.  I was really getting into quilting and had several projects in the works, so an upgrade was in order.  It needed to have a wide throat to fit larger quilts through, a metal casing and parts that will last a lifetime, and positive reviews from quilters and other who repair sewing machines.

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After weeks of collecting feedback and reading reviews, I finally decided on the Juki 2000Qi.

Easy Scrapbook Paper Banner

I set it up on the kitchen table since I didn’t have a sewing table yet and immediately whipped up this easy scrapbook paper banner.  It has become my go-to project over the years to add some color to a space for pennies.

The next day I was issued an assignment to create a YouTube video for a class I’m taking on social media.  That was a bit out of my comfort zone, but the scrapbook paper banner was a simple project to demonstrate, even with a baby and dog in the room.  Watch the video.  You’ll see what I mean.

Easy Scrapbook Paper Banner Supplies:

Scrapbook Paper (Similar)


Sewing Machine


Here is the scrapbook paper banner hanging in my office.  It goes up (and down) easily with poster putty.  In one of my previous offices, I put the banner all the way around the perimeter. The next person who moved in kept it, and it’s still there.

Easy Scrapbook Paper Banner

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