Gift Guide for Quilters

Gift Guide for Quilters

This list of gifts for quilters are all tried and true.  I personally own each item and use them in every quilt I make.  Quilters of all skill level can use these gift items, from beginner to advanced.  Also, they are all consumable or wear out over time, so don’t be afraid to purchase something the quilter in your life may already have.  A quilter can never have enough batting or thread!

  1. Batting – Batting is what goes in the middle of a quilt to make it soft and cuddly.  I prefer an all cotton batting that really shows off the stitches.  Receiving a whole role as a gift would make my day!
  2. Basting Pins – These curved safety pins are designed to hold all the layers of a quilt in place until they are sewn together.  They make this step go so much faster than using straight safety pins.
  3. Acrylic Ruler – Rulers made from acrylic are specially made to measure and cut fabric pieces to be sewn into blocks.  The one linked here is a basic ruler that every quilter should have.
  4. Self-Healing Cutting Mat – Fabric is cut into small pieces on a cutting mat for accuracy (and the quilter’s sanity).  This cutting mat features grid lines and rulers to make cutting just about any size piece a breeze.
  5. Dressmaker’s Shears – These scissors are made to cut fabric and should only cut fabric.  Quilters struggle with keeping other people’s hands away from their fabric scissors.  Perhaps that is why you are visiting this list 🙂
  6. Iron – Each quilt block should be pressed so the seams lay flat before sandwiching the quilt top and bottom with batting.  Otherwise, the quilt will be lumpy.  This is a good one for ironing small seams.
  7. Rotary Cutter – To cut fabric pieces on the self-healing cutting mat listed above, a quilter needs a rotary cutter.  This handheld wheel whips through multiple fabric layers to make the process faster.
  8. Thread – High quality thread is important for keeping a quilter’s sewing machine clean and in good working order.  Cheaper thread will lead to lint buildup.
  9. Thread Snips – Short threads that need to be snipped will pop up multiple times during piecing and quilting.  Thread snips ensure that only the thread is cut and not the fabric.
  10. Seam Ripper – All quilters have a love-hate relationship with a seam ripper.  Mistakes are inevitable.  At least this one is easy to hold and a pretty color.

Don’t forget to grab the Happiest Camper Free Quilt Pattern too.  Print it out and include it with your gift to really delight a quilter.

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