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RV Life Lately

RV Life Lately

Hello, 2017!  The first five days of the new year have been lovely.  All the snow melted from Christmas, and we got a couple days of rain.

Raindrops on Window

But the sun always comes out again.

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Rainbow Landscape

January always brings about an urge to purge and reorganize.  I went through all of our clothes (baby included) and donated anything that didn’t fit or hadn’t been worn in some time.

I love my RV closet.  It’s the standard size for most homes – the kind with mirrored sliding glass doors.  Those doors were removed the same day we took possession of the RV.  They faced the bed and bathroom, including the shower.  Who wants to watch themselves shower?  That’s weird.

I’m planning on rearranging some things with the laundry closet (yes, we have ANOTHER closet) by adding shoe storage to the floor and moving the linens.  They block the overhead light.  Then I’ll add a curtain rod and pretty curtains in place of the doors.

We are also replacing all the lights.  You can get the tutorial here.

RV Closet Organization

The best baby ever played himself to sleep during my purge session.  He’s nearly self-sufficient at 4 months old.

This play mat is fantastic for an RV because it folds up.  I can’t find the exact one online, but here is a similar version.

Sleeping Baby with Toys

Husband got a Dremel for his birthday/Christmas gift.  He’s interested in making wood carvings to decorate the RV.  Bonus – it’s great for trimming dog nails.

Also on the project list is doing something with that table.  It didn’t get painted because I originally wanted to replace it.  Then I got to thinking that it’s bolted to the floor and carpet was installed around it.  Removing it might not be pretty, so it’s still there.  These are the things you have to think about when you live in a mobile RV.  Send suggestions please.  How would you re-do the table?

Dog Nail Trimming

This is the kind of photos I receive while I’m at work.  Family trip to Home Depot!

Baby Dogs at Home Depot

I’ve also been working on a project of my own.  It’s a wedding gift for a couple of full-time RVers who live in an Airstream.  That’s all I can share at this point.

Happy New Year!

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