RV Life Lately & Link Party

RV Life Lately & Link Party

The most asked question from you all is about what kind of paint we are using for our RV renovation.  We chose Behr because it has zero VOC, and painting was going on while I was pregnant.  It doesn’t smell at all which is nice when you’re working in such a small space.  The paint includes primer, so you can skip that step.  It goes on smooth and covers really well.  So far it is holding up great, but we’ll keep you posted on that.  Behr can be found at Home Depot stores.  I’m not getting compensated for saying that.  I just believe in sharing great products.

Having said that, there are affiliate links in this post.  As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Father Son Christmas

There’s a pink tree and a baby moose in our camper!  I love the glow of twinkling Christmas lights.  We’re making the most of our time in Prescott.  Did you know it’s Arizona’s Christmas City?  So far we have driven through a light display, attended a parade and tree lighting, and made ugly Christmas sweaters.

Ugly Christmas Sweater

My sweater has campers on it (of course) thanks to my trusty glue gun.  I can’t show you until we’ve attended all the parties and won the awards we deserve.  You’re going to die when you see the baby.


Dave is into trying new recipes right now.  He loves to cook but lost his momentum while I was pregnant.  (In other words, he was banned from the kitchen because smells = vomit.)  Now that we are all back to our regularly scheduled programs, he is doing all the food shopping and cooking.  My job is to provide timely feedback (after the first bite) and do the dishes.  We eat on paper plates, so I’ll take that deal any day!

Baseball Baby

My cousin sent Sadler two enormous boxes of baby clothes.  There are so many that I’m afraid he’ll outgrow them before he can wear them all.  As a result, I dress up the baby several times a day and take his picture.  I’m fully prepared for him to resent me later, but LOOK AT THE TINY BASEBALL PLAYER.  Now if only we could convince him that there’s no crying in baseball.

RV Toilet

What’s on your RV Christmas list this year?  Something shiny?  Something indulgent?  Emily over at Own Less Do More wanted a toilet.  Ask and you shall receive, Emily.  Only the best for you.

Check out how she chose the toilet brand and model and how to install it on her blog.  There’s something about the sprayer being a game changer too.  Thanks for linking up, Emily!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

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  • Love it. Thanks!

    And we too are planning to attend an ugly sweater party this year — our first — so I’m looking forward to seeing your final product!

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