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RV Life Lately & Link Party

RV Life Lately & Link Party

Last week I told you how excited I was for it to snow, and it happened!  During the day ominous clouds hung low all day.

Snow Clouds

Then as soon as the sun went down, flakes began to fall.  It snowed just enough to cover everything in big white blanket.

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Snowing RV

I put up a purple Christmas tree while watching the snow come down outside the nursery windows, and wrote a blog post about stocking stuffer ideas for RVers.

RV Christmas

All the snow had melted by morning, so I turned my little man into a snowman.  He turned 3 months old!

Snowman Baby

In other RV related news, you can now download movies and shows from Netflix to your phone, tablet or computer.  That means you can save Gilmore Girls while you have internet access at McDonalds and watch it later in the Walmart parking lot.  (Yes, I watched the new GG episodes.  Contact me privately to discuss.  No spoilers here.)  This is a huge convenience for travelers or boondockers.

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt did a segment on work camping.  The sweet couple featured left corporate jobs to live their RV dream while working at Dollywood.  I hope they are safe from the fires in Tennessee.

Neales on Wheels linked up to my new RV Life Link Party last week with a post about going to the dentist in Mexico.  It thoroughly explains the process of crossing the border, getting to the dentist, cost savings, and the experience for the whole family.  Insurance is often tricky for fulltime RVers, so this option is really something to consider.  Thanks for sharing, Neales!

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