RV Photo Challenge

RV Photo Challenge

The best part about living in a RV is all the wonderful people I get the pleasure of meeting both on the road and virtually.  It really is a supportive community full of happy campers.  To further engage with RV lovers, I’m hosting a RV Photo Challenge on Instagram for the month of April sponsored by Raw Paws Pet Food.  That means there will be prizes!

You’re all invited to participate, and it’s pretty simple.  First, be sure to follow myself and our sponsor at @HappiestCamperH and @RawPawsPetFood.  All the prompts are listed for the month of April in the graphic above.  On April 1, post a photo of your RV to your Instagram feed.  On April 2, post a photo of yourself to your feed…and so on.  Tag each photo with #HappiestCamperBlog to be entered to win fabulous prizes from Raw Paws Pet Food.  You don’t have to post every day, but your chances of winning will be increased if you do.
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I can’t wait to see all your photos!

2 thoughts on “RV Photo Challenge”

  • I’m so happy that I’ve won something (not sure what yet as I haven’t received it) from Raw Paws Pet Food!!
    Thank you for co-sponsoring this. It was by far the most fun and the easiest Photo Challenge I’ve done and I really liked the chart to refer back to every day.
    My Pepper Dog says “Thank you, Raw Paws Pet Food”. He’s looking forward to the PRIZE!!!
    Cindy M

    • You are so welcome, and thank you for participating in the challenge. I loved seeing your photos!

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