You are someone who enjoys the process of creating the happiest life possible in any space. Your homestead may be tiny or big, traveling or stationary, rural or urban. This blog is full of information designed to make your homestead happy inside and out. You’ll find tutorials on furniture makeovers, raising chickens, renovating a RV, gardening, sewing projects and lots more!

The step-by-step instructions for affordable projects are designed for you to live your happiest life, whether it be in a RV, a suburban homestead, a rural farm, or a city apartment.

All the tutorials are based on real life, so they are tried and true!

Happiest Camper Couple

We do our best to live Happy lives. I have lived all over the country in every type of home imaginable from tiny apartments to sprawling suburban houses, to RV’s. Each home had its own merits and drawbacks, but they were all full of low-cost projects that made me happy.

I learn a lot from the internet. Many of my projects were assisted by other blog posts and YouTube videos. In fact, I taught myself how to sew entirely by resources I found online. I strive to make happiestcamper.com a place where you can gain information to aid in fulfilling your creative soul in order to develop your own version of happiness.

To me, the purest form of happiness comes from cultivating a project from conception to creation to completion. That is true for gardening, sewing, renovating, and raising animals. Give me all the animals!

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