Mega List of Easy Sewing Projects

Mega List of Easy Sewing Projects

Easy sewing projects are fantastic for beginners and experienced folks too. This list is full of ways to sew something useful and cute in a hurry. I made several to get to know my new sewing machine. You can sew them for gifts, sell them at craft fairs or online to make some cash, or keep them all for yourself. They make great scrap buster projects too!

Plus, these easy sewing projects are budget friendly. Most only cost a couple of dollars. You can’t beat that!

Mega List of Easy Sewing Projects

Easy Sewing Projects Beginner

Fleece Earflap Hat

Keep your littles warm and toasty with a soft hat made of fleece that covers their ears. The added car detail is cute as a button!

 fleece earflap hat


Herbal Dream Pillows

What’s an herbal dream pillow? It’s a delightful smelling packet of relief to help you fall and stay asleep. You don’t know what you’re missing until you make one, and then you won’t want to sleep without it.

On herbal dream pillow leaning on a stack of 2 dream pillows topped with fresh lavender flower.

Super Simple Canvas Tote

A person can never have too many tote bags to carry all their things. Of course I LOVE the print on this one!


Jar Opener

 This jar opener is even more useful than I anticipated. I reach for it several times per day!

Jar Opener Easy Sewing Project

Easy Baby Blanket

Pick a fun print and whip up this easy baby blanket in no time. Moms can never have too many.

How to make a blanket for a baby out of flannel.

Scrapbook Paper Banner

Add a pop of color to any space with this scrapbook paper banner. Yes, you can sew paper!
Easy Scrapbook Paper Banner


Fabric Tortilla Warmer

Here’s a fun addition to your Taco Tuesday.

Make a Tortilla Warmer {Tutorial} | The Good Hearted Woman

Tote Bag from $1 Placemats

For $1, you can’t go wrong with this sturdy tote bag. It’s the perfect size for a few books and toys.

Placemat to Tote Bag $1 Upcycle Easy Sewing Project


Scrap Fabric Basket

If you sew, you’re going to have scraps. Don’t let that pretty fabric go to waste. Collect it in a basket to save for future projects. Perhaps a quilt?

A tutorial for a scrap fabric basket #sewing #wastenotwantnot #reuse feature on

RV Window Coverings

Get your RV ready for extreme hot or cold temperatures with insulated curtains.

RV Camper Insulated Window Curtains


15 Minute Flannel Infinity Scarf

Keep your neck warm this winter with an infinity scarf made of flannel. So quick and easy, you can make one to match every outfit.

how to sew a flannel infinity scarf measurements

Fabric Tray

Small boxes and trays are super helpful for organizing just about anything. These would be lovely on your desk, bathroom sink, or dresser.

how to sew a fabric tray

Hanging Kitchen Towel

Just one line of sewing makes these hanging kitchen towels the easiest sewing project of them all. Make sure your towels stay put, and add some color to your kitchen.

Hanging Kitchen Towel Easy Sewing Project


Scented Mug Mats

Mug mat, mug rug, or coaster – something to put your mug or drink on to protect a surface. Now put a hot mug on these scented mats for an added bonus!

Spice filled scented mug mats

Shoe Rug

Do you wear shoes in the house? This rug keeps things organized and tidy by the front door.


Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Never drop the soap again with this easy wash cloth soap holder. (These are great sellers at craft fairs.)

Easy Wash Cloth Soap Holder Sewing DIY Project


Easy Fabric Hot Pad

Here’s a hot pad with a twist. Imagine the color and pattern possibilities!

Easy Fabric Hot Pad - Teaching Kids to Sew

Apron from $1 Placemats

Sew a sturdy apron from a couple of placemats for working outdoors in the garden or tending chickens.

Dollar Store Placemat to Apron Upcycle Easy Sewing Project for Beginner

Tea Towel Apron

What could be better for the kitchen than an apron made out of a tea towel? How convenient!

Easy DIY Tea Towel Apron Tutorial //

No Slip Hand Towel

This easy sewing project is pure genius. I wish I’d thought of it!

No-Slip Hand Towel Tutorial

Soft and Cozy Winter Blanket

Are you always cold? Make yourself (or your littles) a soft and cozy blanket to cuddle under.

Make this easy warm flannel blanket for kids! It's so soft and you can personalize it easily! Click to see the steps!

Hooded Towel

There is something so fun about a hooded towel. Maybe it’s that they actually stay on the head? You can easily sew them in any color to match your bathroom décor.

An easy step by step tutorial for how to make a hooded towel for little kids! Super easy. Click to see the steps

Feed Sack Tote Bag

Don’t throw away empty feed sacks! Turn them into trendy, and highly useful, tote bags.

Feed Sack Tote Bag Upcycle

Cloth Napkins

Whip up a set of cloth napkins to impress everyone at your next dinner party.

Fleece Crib Sheets

Keep your baby warm and safe with crib sheets made of fleece.

Fleece Crib Sheet

Bath Towels with Loops

For some reason towels always seem to find themselves on the floor. Add loops so they stay put.

How to Add Loops to Bath Towels_complete


You can make easy sewing projects for yourself, family, friends, and every room in the house. Most take less than 10 minutes to complete and are very inexpensive. Do you have any easy sewing projects to add to the list? I’d love to try them! Please share by dropping a comment below.Easy Sewing Projects Beginner

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