Build Your Own Sewing Kit for Beginners

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Frankly, I’ve been sewing a long time, but as my kids get more interested, I find that I’m more interested in teaching them than doing it myself. So, I’m gonna show you how to build your own sewing kit for beginners that has everything you need to start their sewing journey! And one of the best things about all the items in this kit is that only one item is over $20, and almost all of the other items are under $10. So, in all, having these 20 items together in a kit makes for a great gift idea that won’t break the bank. 

Beginner sewing kit

If the price tag still freaks you out, you can always scale down to half the list or just a few things. No one is going to know–and sewing is a lifelong learning hobby, so even if you get “everything” your new sewist is going to need something else, for sure. If new to sewing and don’t know what sewing machine to get may I recommend my favorite that I use daily a Brother cs6000i sewing machine. It is a great sewing machine for all skill levels and can sew just about anything. Enough about sewing machines, let’s get started pulling together a beginning sewing kit!

20 Items You Need In Building A Sewing Kit For Beginners

Putting together a beginner sewist kit should be a fun activity. If it starts to get stressful, like with any sewing project, stop and take a break. Sewing should be fun–and so should finding all the best sewing tools! Here’s what you’re going to need:

sewing pin cushion

1. Pin Cushion and Pins – If you’re sewing anything at all, it’s like a right of passage to use pins–and have one of those red tomato pin cushions with the little attached strawberry. It’s the first thing on the list because it’s the most iconic part of a kit.

sewing clips

2. Sewing Clips – Now, if you’re not into pins and pin cushions, say your new sewist is a little, well, little, and you don’t want them to prick their finger if they can avoid it. Or, if you just want to get rid of those lumps you get when using pins, these clips are awesome alternatives.

wrist pin cushion

3. Wearable Pin Cushion – Back to pins though, because there are going to be times when you just need pins–and the fun wrist pin cushions that kids think are so fun.

sewing tape measure

4. Sewing Tape Measure – For any new sewist, a nice sewing tape measure is a fantastic tool to have. You can get any type, but a retractable one is the BEST because it doesn’t get tangled when not in use. When you build your own sewing kit for beginners you can choose the items you feel fit your style.

stitch remover for building sewing kit

5. Stitch Remover – Anyone who is starting out is liable to make a few mistakes, it’s just normal when you’re learning a new skill. So, having a stitch remover on hand makes those mistakes a little less stressful because you can just back up and try again.

fabric scissors for sewing kit

6. Good Big Scissors – I strongly feel that any sewing enthusiast is without the best tool ever if they don’t have a large pair of good scissors. You need a pair that you can rely on to cut cloth consistently, without fraying it.

snipping scissors

7. Snipping Scissors – Whether your new sewist is planning to sew by hand or with a sewing machine, they’re definitely going to find a tiny pair of scissors that are sharp, sharp, sharp for use in cutting thread.

rotary fabric cutter

8. Rotary Cutter – If you plan to do a lot of cutting from patterns, you will find that having a rotary cutter makes it so much easier to make long, careful cuts that scissors work fine on, but maybe a rotary cutter would work even better for.

sewing box for building your own sewing kit

9. Sewing Box – You have to have somewhere to keep all of your sewing tools and equipment. I mean, having it in a cardboard box is fine, but an organized and pretty box? That’s a sewing luxury that’s actually really inexpensive!

sewing bobbins for sewing kit

10. Bobbins – Extra bobbins are a HUGE benefit if you’re planning to use a sewing machine. Can you imagine having to unwind a bobbin every single time you want to swap thread?! Oh, the horror! This is a must-have for building a sewing kit for beginners.

bobbin winder for sewing kit

11. Bobbin Winder – Speaking of bobbins, having a bobbin winder on hand is so fantastically handy. Sure, your sewing machine can do it, but you know what is easier and faster? A bobbin winder.

sewing kit thread

12. Sewing Thread Variety – Every beginning sewist needs a large variety of sewing thread options. It doesn’t have to be every color ever, but having several options on hand will make it so much easier and faster to get projects done neatly.

needle threader for sewing kit

13. Needle Threader – If your new sewist is new even to threading needles, getting a needle threader is a great idea. Super inexpensive, this tool helps anyone thread a needle the first time, every time.

sewing needle

14. Sewing Machine Needles – New to sewing machines means not knowing how to treat a sewing machine–and so the likelihood of needing replacement needles is higher when you’re new to the hobby.

hand-sewing needle

15. Hand Sewing Needles – No sewing machine planned? That’s fine, but you’re going to need a handful of needles–they’re always wandering off, bending or breaking!

mini steaming iron for sewing

16. Mini Steaming Iron – When building your own sewing kit for beginners you want to get nice hems and seams, the trick is a good iron. And since you are new to sewing, having a nice little steaming iron on hand is perfect for making everything look nice and neat!

carbon transfer paper for sewing

17. Carbon Transfer Paper – If you’re planning to do any sewing based on patterns, having carbon transfer paper is a must. Taking that step to trace onto your fabric is going to save so much time and frustration.

tracing wheel for sewing kit

18. Tracing Wheel – Speaking of tracing–make it easier by using a tracing wheel, so you’re not risking getting pencil on your fabric when doing your tracing!

sewing chalk

19. Fabric Chalk – No need to trace your pattern because it’s a cut out? Of course you’d need fabric chalk for that! This lets you easily draw on the pattern and you can iron it off later.

needle wax for sewing

20. Needle Wax – To make all of the sewing go a little smoother, having some needle wax on hand is helpful so that, when their needle sticks, your new sewist does not get frustrated.

Remember when you build your own sewing kit for beginners to customize it where it makes sense as you may want to order several of one item or skip another due to what they may sew. This is just such a perfect gift idea for anyone who is interested in sewing but doesn’t have the tools on hand–or even if they have some of the tools, but not a complete set. You could make a whole kit for them for a Christmas gift or just a gift for yourself. All of these tools are so helpful in making a successful sewing experience!

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