DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial with Free Sewing Pattern

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Parents with little ones who are going to start losing teeth, I have a question for you: How the heck is the Tooth Fairy supposed to find a single tooth under a pile of pillows and blankets with a squirming child on top? (That just seems dangerous if you’re the size of a fairy.) Do yourself, I mean, the Tooth Fairy a favor and give the kiddos a safe place for their tooth to stay the night with this DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow Tutorial With Free Sewing Pattern! This cute little Tooth Fairy Pillow is an easy project you can make in less than an hour and add a little extra magic to your child’s tooth fairy experience by keeping their baby tooth safe while it waits for the Tooth Fairy.

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow Sewing Tutorial with Free Sewing Pattern

This tooth fairy pillow comes together in less than an hour with inexpensive supplies that most sewers will have on hand. This is such a fun and simple project! Let’s get started!

Supplies For A DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

materials for tooth fairy pillow

How to Make A DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

As always, don’t forget (or purposely skip!) washing, drying, and ironing your fabric before you start cutting out the pattern. While your fabric is being prepared, download our free sewing pattern, print it out at full size, and cut out both pieces. 

cutting out tooth fairy wing template

Once your fabric is ready, spend a few minutes cutting out all the pieces so you don’t have to keep going back and forth between the cutting mat and your sewing machine. It goes so much more smoothly this way! 

cutting out tooth fairy pattern piece
finishing cutting out tooth fairy pattern with scissors

For the pouch pillow form, cut out two layers of the tooth pillow template. I like to use a rotary cutter to get smooth curves, but if you’re not comfortable enough with them, you’ll need to cut the bottom middle section with your fabric scissors. It’s a pretty tight curve there and can be hard to make with a rotary cutter if you’re a beginner. 

measuring trim for skirt for tooth fairy pillow

If you want your tooth fairy pillow to have a skirt, cut out four strips of ruffle trim. They should each be a little longer than the width of the tooth. 

cut pattern pieces for tooth pouch

Next cut the tooth pouch fabric into two 2” squares. 

cutting out wing pattern piece for tooth fairy pillow

Lastly, fold your felt in half and cut around the wing template, with the flat side against the folded edge. 

all pattern pieces cut out for tooth fairy pillow project

With all your pieces cut out, you’re ready to start sewing your DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow!

layering trim for tooth fairy pillow  skirt

If you want your tooth fairy pillow to have a skirt, now is the time to add it. Lay a single layer of the ruffle trim across the right side of each tooth piece and sew in place. Add another layer of trim just above the first and sew that in place to create a layered skirt look. 

place pouch pieces right sides together

Now change the thread in your machine to the color of the tooth pouch, and we can start putting that together. 

sew pouch pieces together

Start by lining up the pouch pieces, right-sides together, and sewing around three sides. Leave a ⅛” to ¼” seam allowance. Don’t forget to backtrack a few stitches at the beginning and end to lock the thread in place. 

trim corners of the pouch

Next, trim the corners (careful not to cut the thread!) and turn out the pouch. 

turn out tooth fairy tooth pouch corners

Use a pencil to push out the corners to a point.

rolling in fabric edges on tooth fairy tooth pouch

Now fold the opening down into the pouch and roll it down into itself. There should be no wrong side fabric exposed. 

sewing tooth fairy tooth pouch in place
pouch sewn in place

Lay the pouch on the front of one tooth pillow pieces with the opening facing up. It should be slightly over the skirt if you chose to add that. Sew the pouch into place on the tooth pillow around the same three edges as before, leaving the opening alone. 

drawing face and arms on tooth fairy pillow

Next, take your pencil and lightly mark where you will sew the face and arms on your DIY Tooth Pillow. Make sure they are even before you start stitching.

hand embroidering face on pillow

Use 2-3 strands of embroidery floss and your hand needle to back stitch or split stitch over the pencil lines. 

finished embroidery face and arms on tooth fairy  pillow

Make a few fingers over the sides of the pouch to make it look like the tooth fairy is holding it. 

lining up wings

Next, change your machine thread over to the color of the wings. Line up the middle fold of the wings with the middle of the back tooth, almost at the top. You are about halfway through this DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow Sewing Tutorial!

sewing wings in place

Sew a straight line all the way down the middle of the wings, backstitching at both ends to lock in place.

how to sew the wings back to give them volume
sewing back wings

Now press the wings together, away from the tooth piece, and sew another straight line down the wings, right next to the fold. This will help them stick out like “real fairy wings” and not lay flat against the back of the pillow. 

Tooth Fairy Pillow front and back

Now it’s time to sew the tooth fairy pillow together!

pin back wings

Switch your machine thread over to white, and pin back any pieces of wing or skirt that are hanging over the edge of either tooth piece.

pinning tooth pieces together

I used regular sewing pins for this but keep in mind that safety pins are a little bit safer to work with when you’re flipping the piece right side out. 

sewing slowly around tight curves of tooth

Line up the front and back of the pillow, right sides together, and sew a ¼” seam allowance around the outer edge, leaving a 2” gap to turn out the pillow. 

opening on side of pillow to turn right side out

Go slowly around the tight curves at the bottom, stopping every few stitches with the needle down to turn your work. 

pull out pins from inside
flipping pillow right side out

Now it’s ready to turn this little Tooth Fairy Pillow right side out!

push seams all the way out

Slowly pull the right sides out of the whole you left, being careful not to pull too hard or poke yourself with any exposed pins! Run your finger or pencil along the inside of the seam to help the pillow get back to the correct shape. 

finished stitching pillow closed

Stuff polyfill into the pillow through the 2” gap. Press it into the legs first and then the rest of the body until your desired fullness. Thread your hand needle with white thread, and sew the opening closed with a ladder stitch. 

Finished Tooth Fairy Pillow - back

And it’s done!

finished pillow front

Now you have a super cute Tooth Fairy Pillow for your little ones! This project comes together quickly and is so much fun for the kids. When they lose a tooth, they can’t wait to see what the tooth fairy brings them. This project would make a cute gift for other parents whose kids are starting to lose their baby teeth.

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow Sewing Tutorial with Free Sewing Pattern

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Yield: 1 Pillow

DIY Tooth Fairy Pillow

tooth fairy pillow featured

Are your kids about to lose some of their baby teeth? This is the perfect project. This DIY Tooth Fairy pillow is as cute as it is functional. Your kids will have a fun place for the tooth fairy to leave them a prize in exchange for their tooth. The best part is that you can make these in about half an hour.

Active Time 40 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $5.00


  1. Print and cut out template pieces from Happiest Camper.
  2. Cut out two tooth pieces from white quilting cotton, two 2” squares of your scrap cotton, and one pair of wings from felt.
  3. Fold your felt in half and cut with the flat edge of the wing template on the fold.
  4. If you want a skirt, cut out four pieces of trim, approximately the width of a tooth piece.
  5. If adding a skirt, sew one layer in place on the right side of a tooth piece, then sew the second layer ¼” to ½” above the first layer. Repeat for both sides.
  6. Change your machine thread to the scrap fabric color. Line up your squares with the right sides together, and sew around three edges.
  7. Trim each corner and turn right side out, using a pencil to poke out the corners.
  8. Roll the open edges inside of the pouch all the way until they touch the bottom seam.
  9. Pin in place on the front tooth piece and sew along the same three edges.
  10. Mark with a pencil where you will stitch the face and arms onto your Tooth Fairy.
  11. Hand embroider over these marks using a split stitch or backstitch with 2-3 strands of embroidery floss. 
  12. Change your machine thread to the color of the wings.
  13. Center the wings horizontally with the back tooth, slightly lower than the top of the tooth piece.
  14. Sew a straight line down the length of the wings’ center. 
  15. Fold the wings together, and fold the sides of the tooth piece together in the opposite direction.
  16. Sew another straight line down the wings close to but not touching the white fabric, to give them volume. 
  17. Pin back wings (and edges of skirt if needed) and place the front and back tooth, right sides together.
  18. Change your machine thread to white. Sew around the teeth with a ¼” seam allowance, leaving a 2” gap to turn out. 
  19. Turn out the pillow and run your fingers along the inside of the seam to help the seams lay flat. 
  20. Stuff with polyfill, starting with the legs, to your desired fullness.
  21. Ladder stitch the opening closed with white thread and tie off. 
  22. Admire your cute little Tooth Fairy! 

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