15 Youtube Sewing Projects That Are Fun & Easy

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Sometimes, you need sewing inspiration that gets your needle going. Other times, you just need to know there’s a sewing resource for ideas and new projects. That’s why we are bringing you these 15 Youtube Sewing Projects That Are Fun & Easy! They tick all the marks! Whether you’re looking for an easy sewing idea, a pattern you can follow with no experience following patterns, or a quick work-up project that you can get done for a fast gift, these sewing tutorials are seriously bringing the expertise. There’s a wide variety of sewing project ideas, everything from a simple baby blanket to a pleated skirt, the perfect gifts you can sew or just keep them for yourself. I love knowing that I have lots of options when I just need a little inspiration to get my sewing mojo going. But the honest truth is that these tutorials are all ones we have created and are excited to share them with you. You can get notifications of new sewing projects by subscribing to the Happiest Camper Youtube Channel so you won’t miss a project.

Youtube Sewing Projects

No, really, I have worked hard to make this handful of easy sewing project tutorials that you can follow along with on YouTube to make the exact project, or just use as inspiration to be able to make your own similar sewn craft. Plus, since these sewing tutorials are made with my own two hands, you can know that they’re super trustworthy. I mean, nothing is more frustrating than trying to tackle a sewing pattern and the pattern just doesn’t work out. So, knowing I made these sewn projects, I can tell you with confidence that these projects are indeed easy and work properly. So, let’s get into these awesome, easy and fun YouTube sewing projects you’re going to love!

15 Youtube Sewing Projects That Are Fun & Easy

Supplies For Youtube Sewing Projects

This is just a simple list of supplies you would need to work on most of the youtube sewing projects. Please check out the individual projects for a complete list of supplies you will need for that project. Now on to the youtube sewing videos.

Fun & Easy Youtube Sewing Projects

To kick off our list of youtube sewing projects, we start with something super simple. For any beginner, it’s imperative that you learn how to sew a nice, straight line and careful corners. So this tutorial to teach you How to Sew Your Own Napkins is perfect for starting you on that exact path!

If you are wanting to get into some DIY clothing projects, this Kimono Cardigan is a super cute and simple item you can make in less than an hour! This is perfect for summer or spring when you still have those cool nights or when the breeze pics up.

This easy to sew Crossbody Bag is a great idea that’s both functional and cute. The hardest part is finding a fabric that you love – otherwise, you’ll end up making multiple bags just to use all the awesome fabric you find. I have at least 3 in my closet.

Mini gift card stocking video tutorial

If you’re just wanting to dress up a gift card, which I don’t blame you for at all, this easy Stocking Gift Card Holder tutorial is a quick way to make a holder that is perfect for the holidays. Choose the gift card from a store they love but gift in this adorable mini stocking that will make them know you care.

Not working on a holiday gift, that’s ok! You can make this Fast and Fun Headphone Case that you can gift to anyone, tuck a gift card into, or make for yourself, because you know you need one. One of my daughters uses it as her change purse while another uses it to keep her chapstick in. This fun sewing project has many uses.

cowl scarf Youtube Sewing project

For a more cuddly gift, I love this Cozy Cowl Scarf that you can have done in just a few minutes – and be warm through the whole winter! It is such a fun sew that I have made many of these and given them as gifts to friends and family.

Speaking of warm, if you have ever cuddled under a Minky blanket, you know you’re giving a big warm hug when you give a baby a Minky Baby Blanket. The tutorial is so fast, it’s a great gift for a baby shower, first birthday and more. We are about halfway through these 15 youtube sewing projects but you don’t want to miss the others we have to share with you so keep scrolling.

For a more grown-up gift an older kiddo would love, this Makeup Travel Case is cute, can be easily personalized and makes for a simple gift to give – or a packaging for a whole makeup kit for a tween or teen! Of course, it can be used for more than just makeup as a friend uses it to keep an easy access cut kit full of bandages while on the go.

Winter headband Youtube Sewing project

But let’s get back to cozy…this Winter Headband is one of the coziest and fun sewing tutorials that makes a gift you can’t deny anyone would love. Perfect for people who love hiking or taking long walks, even in the winter – or just for anyone who hates cold ears, which is everyone. Ha!

Another fun youtube sewing project you can do is this Wrap Skirt! We love DIY clothing at Happiest Camper, and this wrap skirt is one of our favorites. This skirt is so versatile and only takes a little over an hour to make. Pick some cute printed fabric and follow along to make the perfect wrap skirt.

For a little more complex (but honestly, not that much more complex – it’s still super easy) this Round Zippered Purse is a fun way to make a little purse that holds all the goodies a person might need to keep on themselves while still looking stylish! Start sewing this purse today.

Warm mittens Youtube Sewing Project

To come back to a cuddly project, I love making Cozy Mittens for myself and as gifts. They’re such a fast work-up, you can have a set done in just a few minutes and be on your way to a warm hand quickly. This easy youtube sewing tutorial will have you cranking these out in no time and ready for that cooler weather.

A creative sewing project that is very handy when you’re not in the mood for a purse is this Hidden Pocket Scrunchie. I love the idea of having this quick project available for a young lady, in particular, that maybe wants to go for a jog or even school, where they don’t need a big bulky purse, but they do want a little lunch money on hand. I have made over a dozen of these for me and my daughters.

One of my favorite easy sewing projects is this simple Pleated Skirt that you can make in just a few minutes. It sounds difficult, time consuming and maybe a little more than a beginner project, but that’s not true at all! Super fast, easy and fun, if you have any interest in making a skirt, you can tackle this project for sure.

KitchenAid mixer Youtube Sewing Project

My last, most favorite sewing project is this simple KitchenAid Stand Mixer Cover that keeps the dust out of my favorite kitchen appliance. I can’t tell you how handy this is and how fun! The project is so fast and simple, but really makes a statement.

Whew! And that’s all the best YouTube sewing projects you’ll need to really tackle the skill of sewing if you’re new to it, or if you just need a brushup on skills – or if you’re just looking for a variety of sewing project inspiration. Be sure to check out our 21 Beginner Sewing Projects post for even more fun sewing content.

15 Fun & Easy Youtube Sewing Tutorials

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