Easy 5-Minute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Easy 5-Minute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Never drop the soap again with this easy, 5-minute wash cloth soap holder! Slip your favorite soap inside the wash cloth holder making it easy to grip. It extends the life of your soap too by making the last tiny bits useable. That’s a great money saver!

This easy, 5-minute wash cloth soap holder came about after posting about another project, an egg gathering apron, in a Facebook group for homesteaders. A local farmer who makes soap from goat’s milk asked if I could make some kind of soap holder to sell along with her product. She sent a couple of photos from ideas she saw online but gave me creative freedom to come up with the design. Knowing she would need multiples, I kept it simple. This is a super easy beginner project if you are new to sewing. All the supplies are linked below.

5 Minute Wash Cloth Soap Holder Easy Sewing Project

Make a Soap Holder from a Wash Cloth

Supplies for Homemade Soap Holder:

It is handy to keep a cutting mat and rotary cutter tool on hand if you plan to make a lot of these. It keeps your table safe from scratches and helps take even less time to cut. First, cut your wash cloth in half. It doesn’t matter which direction since it is square, and there is no grain to follow like you would with fabric. Then cut 1/3 off the length. Just eyeball it. There is no need for precision in this project. You should now have a rectangle similar to the photo below.

Easy 5 MInute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Next, hem the shortest raw edge by folding it over 1/4 of an inch, and folding it onto itself once more. There is no need for an exact measurement here either. That’s what makes the project come together so quickly.Easy 5 MInute Wash Cloth Soap HolderNow fold your ribbon in half and pin or clip it one-third of the way up the wash cloth. Make sure the finished edge is at the bottom.

Easy 5 MInute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Then fold the BOTTOM of the wash cloth up until it meets the bottom of the ribbon. Fold the TOP of the wash cloth down until the edges meet.

Easy 5 MInute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Sew a straight stich down both sides of the wash cloth INSIDE the binding. You can also use a zigzag stitch or over locker. My machine was set up for a straight stitch, so that’s what I went with. I made two lines of stitches down each side to reinforce it.Easy 5 MInute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Trim each end close to the stitches with scissors to eliminate the bulky seams.

Easy 5 MInute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Now turn the wash cloth inside out being sure to push the corners all the way through.

Easy 5 MInute Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Ta-da! You made a wash cloth holder for soap. These make great gifts when coupled with pretty handmade soap. They are also a nice addition to gift baskets filled with pampering items like bubble bath and lotion.Easy Wash Cloth Soap Holder Sewing Project


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As always, if you make one of my projects please share in the comments below, on Instagram or Facebook. It makes my day when I see your creations!

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