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The internet is filled with talented homesteaders and homemakers, and I know from experience that they are the nicest people. (Well, they are at least tied with RV-ers and campers!) I am excited to partner with one of these talented bloggers, Kayla, The Homesteading Homemaker, to co-host her weekly link-up of homesteading and homemaking blog posts. In addition to all the awesome links left by bloggers, Kayla has some fantastic information on hatching and raising chickens.Homesteading Homemaker Link Up

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Hi! I’m Kayla from The Homesteading Homemaker. I am a homemaking mom with three wonderful boys. You could say that I have been a homesteader all my life even though I didn’t even know it. I started taking important farming skills that I learned from my parents and grandparents and implementing them to play an active role in producing the food that we eat in our home. I am working toward a life of self sufficiency and sustainability. Returning to the roots of our ancestors. A life where all our food is directly from farm to table.
I love to feel the dirt in my hands, the sound of roosters crowing in the morning. I love the feeling of exhaustion and satisfaction when I go to bed after a long day of working hard on the farm. I know I cannot be the only one out there with dreams of fresh eggs, compost, gardening and fresh sourdough bread! You can follow my journey at

Here are the featured posts from last week’s Homesteading and Homemaking Link-Up. That chicken tractor is awesome!

Grow Carrots from Seed to Harvest

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