Idaho Pasture Pigs

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We have been raising Idaho Pasture Pigs since August 2017 at the Happiest Camper Homestead in Big Stone Gap, VA.  It is a new breed of pigs that are not aggressive and graze for food.  Idaho Pasture Pigs are a medium sized pig that reach a butcher weight of 200-250 lbs. at 9-10 months of age.

Idaho Pasture Pig

Idaho Pasture Pig

One of our two mature sows was likely pregnant when she came to us and gave birth to nine piglets.  In addition to the cuteness factor, the piglets have the sweetest dispositions.  Even our 1 year old son can pet with them without a worry.  (The piglet was only in the house for a few minutes during a wellness check.  More about our son’s helmet story here.)


Idaho Pasture Pigs Registry

Our pigs are registered with the Idaho Pasture Pig Registry which describes the breed standard as follows:

“One of the main qualities that we look for in the Idaho Pasture Pigs is an overall good disposition and a non-aggressive behavior.  The overall conformation of the Idaho Pasture Pig should be a well proportioned pig with: a medium width in the leg set, a wide back, noticeable shoulders, developed hams, and a overall, nicely proportioned head with a short-medium upturned snout.  Sows should mature at 250-300 pounds and the boars should mature at 300-400 pounds.  The Idaho Pasture Pigs may or may not have wattles, they may have upright or floppy ears, and have varied color patterns.”

Willaby, the red colored boar and father of the piglets, has quite a personality.  He enjoys having his back scratched and playing in the water hose.  He has a face only a mother can love.  Southwest Virginia does not get much snow, but the pigs fair very well in extremely cold temperatures.  They ditched their shelter to make a nest out of hay and snuggled together for warmth.  Chickens then took over their shelter.

During grazing, the pigs have uncovered several items from our newly rented property.  We call them ‘treasures from the forest’ that have included galvanized buckets, metal shovel and rake heads, old glass bottles, an enamel table top, and terrifying doll heads.  You can keep up with their finds by following us on Instagram and/or Facebook. Idaho Pasture Pigs are a wonderful addition to our homestead.

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7 thoughts on “Idaho Pasture Pigs”

  1. AW, the piglets are too dog gone cute. And the adult pigs are so ugly they are cute!
    Best Wishes & Prayers to you and yours for a Happy Healthy 2018.

  2. I also have a trio of Idaho pasture pigs though I chosen not to get them registered. You mentioned there may b some young ones for sale . I would like to get some diversity into my gene pool as these pigs r limited as of now. I am from pennsylvania. So I figure yours would definitely b of a different pool. I would definitely b interested in purchasing one or two even from a future litter. Will look forward to hearing from u. Paul

    • Hi Paul. I’m glad you found us. Our pigs were recently shipped to Texas while we work on buying land and setting it up. I’ll keep you in mind when we get settled and have more pigs for sale. Thanks for reading!

  3. I might be able to get 2 IPP gilts but would like to start breeding them on our small farm it is very hard to find this breed near TN– would you have any board for sale? Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren. We no longer raise pigs. I recommend joining the IPP group on Facebook and asking there. Good luck! They’re a lot of fun!


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