Shop with Your Heart for Farm Animals

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This Year Shop With Your Heart, And Help Farm Animals In The Process

I care deeply about animals, all animals big and small really. But I find it easier to do things for cats and dogs than for farm animals. The ASPCA realized how easy it is to do things for dogs and cats and partnered with Food Chain Workers Alliance, GRACE Communications Foundation, and the Natural Resource Defense Council to help consumers focus on farm animal welfare by helping them become savvy consumers.

Don’t Waste the Food You Have – Your family can reduce your holiday grocery bill – and food waste – by serving the right portion sizes and storing leftovers properly. A Good Groceries Guide will help you understand how all these elements fit together to help people, animals, and ultimately the planet

Don’t Be Duped – Marketing schemes can play a huge factor when it comes to food purchases. So often consumers want to buy humanely-raised food, but labels can be meaningless or downright misleading at times! What’s the difference between “all-natural” or “free-range” or “cage-free”? That’s why the ASPCA has produced guides like this one to help consumers distinguish what matters.

Buy Locally – Shopping locally, like from your local farmer’s market or CSA, can keep your shopping dollars in your local area and also decrease the need for factory-farmed foods. Check out the ASPCA guide for shopping locally and how to begin conversations with local producers in your area.

Shop With Your Heart – At the ASPCA Shop With Your Heart website you’ll find an abundance of options for healthy and humane food choices, along with tips on how to begin to implement them in your own family.

As consumers we have all the power to shift the focus of major companies and corporations. And that begins with understanding how our shopping choices can directly affect the lives of the animals that help bring us the meals we serve our family.

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