RV Life Lately

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We have been busy little RV living bees lately with projects in the works all over the place.  This peel-and-stick back splash in the kitchen really brightens up the whole space.  I need to make a new curtain for this window because the one there was plaid.  It was too much pattern up against the lines of the faux subway tile back splash.

RV Backsplash

Any item in the kitchen cabinets that had not been used since we moved into this RV got the boot.  That made room for our new gadget.  It feels so nice to have a place for everything and everything in its place.

RV Cabinet Organization

These little LED lights shed much needed light inside the cabinets.  They have been helpful both inside and out, especially in the compartment that holds the propane tanks.  Now we can easily see the propane levels at night.  The longer lights shown in the photo give off an ambient glow while the smaller ones are more direct for task lighting.  All are peel-and-stick and take AAA batteries.

RV LED Cabinet Lights

New flooring is on its way!  I chose a sheet vinyl for this RV makeover that includes neutral gray and brown tones in a wood grain design.  More on that decision in our flooring tutorial post here.

RV Vinyl Flooring

I thought the flooring would be delivered yesterday, but we didn’t get a call.  We have spent quite a bit of time painstakingly removing every staple from this rig.  The carpet installers went a bit overboard, don’t you think?

RV Floor Makeover

Some new touches of decor and organization have gone up on the walls too.  The jacket situation was really getting on my nerves without a designated home for them.

RV Organizing

Our happy place is in the form of a 358 square foot RV.  We did the calculation in order to know how much flooring to order.  It’s bigger than I thought with the slides included.

Our Happy Place

And this happy camper is still the best baby ever.  He plays independently while we work on the RV projects and continues to sleep through the night.  His little smile and giggle brings so much sunshine to our lives.

Happy Camper Baby

I’m also finishing up a quilt for the bedroom, and Dave is carving a handle for the oven.  The plastic one has broken twice, so it is time to go with a more durable solution.

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    • The peel-n-stick tile stuck to the wall well. The only issue we had was discoloration of the tile behind the stove due to heat. If you are planning to put it in that area, I recommend adding a piece of metal or plexiglass over that area to protect it.

  1. You do need to put fire retardent sheeting behind the stove/hotplate weather you use stainless steel or tileing or a perspex it needs to apply with the Australian standards .


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