Vintage Metal Chairs Makeover

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We are finding all kinds of interesting things on our rental property, like a set of awesome vintage metal chairs.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right?

Dave surprised me by pulling these punched metal chairs with stars out of the woods one day. They are pretty cute, and a matching set too!Vintage Star Metal Chair Makeover Before After

Finds like these are especially exciting since we don’t have any furniture after our RV was totaled. We are starting from scratch in rural southwestern Virginia, which poses some interesting challenges and opportunities when it comes to shopping.

Stores are few and far between for new items, and only spammers use Craigslist.  I’ve had some success at flea markets and the Facebook Marketplace, but you have to drive quite a distance and be quick to score the good stuff.

Our house sits at the bottom edge of a forest that goes straight up a mountain.  It is criss-crossed with 4-wheeler trails, so of course we had to get one.  There is a hunting blind not too far up and several piles of 4-wheeler parts left behind by the previous renter.  A neighbor was thrilled to take those off our hands.

Vintage Metal Chairs Makeover

It has rained every day in the six weeks we have been here.  Every.  Day.  Finding time to turn trash into treasure with paint between storms is challenging.  The trick is to spray paint the item leaving space to pick it up and move it into the shed to dry.  I chose this marigold color for the vintage metal chairs because some more sunshine would be nice.  It also complements the purple and gold in Dave’s LSU flag on the front porch nicely.  Geaux Tigers!

This shed needs some love.  We affectionately call it Tim’s House because the name Tim was spray painted on the door.  I got half of it painted before the rain came again.  My plan is to set the vintage metal chairs outside the shed with a flower planter in between them to dress it up a bit.

A few people have asked if Sadler has outgrown his Pop ‘N  Jump yet.  Nope!  He is still jumping his heart out at 9 months old.  I highly recommend it for stationary and traveling families.  A walker with wheels lets him run through the house, and the stationary jumper keeps him out of trouble while we work on projects outside. The ground is ALWAYS wet and mostly a slippery incline, so he jumps on the deck or in the trailer.

Imagine me pulling that trailer with my new mini van.  It’s not quite as cool as our previous rig, but it sure is handy.

I think I’ll leave these old buckets rusty and hang them off the porch with flowers planted in them. Dave also found a couple of rusted out pedal cars that he wants to paint.  We’re making the best of our situation and putting our new home together one piece at a time.

It sure would be nice if it stopped raining though!

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