Craft Glue for Every Project

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There are many different types of craft glue on the market today. When creating a craft that requires glue, you want to make sure the glue you use is the correct glue for the project. Sometimes when the wrong craft glue is used, the craft project does not turn out right or does not stay together the way you had intended.

Types of Craft Glue

Choose the Right Craft Glue for Your Project

Before you use any craft glue on a project, make sure you have the right type of glue for that task. The right glue will help your craft stay together and hold up over time.

The following is an overview of the craft glues available and their uses. I own every one of them and can personally attest to their uses.

Craft Glue for Every Project

How to pick the right craft glue for your project every time.

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