It’s All Temporary

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I began this year living in a RV in northern Arizona, and I am finishing it in a house in southwestern Virginia. My home is different. My surroundings are different. My priorities are different.

It has been a year of uncertainty, flexibility, growth, and great joy that leaves me with a resounding lesson: It’s all temporary.

My baby’s first steps; The colorful leaves of fall; Carefully chosen decor and paint colors; Relationships; Reliable vehicles; Bosses at work; Snowflakes; Physical pain; Celebrations; Bottles and dirty diapers.  Eventually, they all come to an end.

These three words carry me through trying times and beautiful moments I want to remember. They sit in a frame on my desk as a friendly reminder of life’s futility.  Good or bad, it’s all temporary.Happiest Camper Mayes Family

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