How To Make A Girl Doll – Free Doll Pattern

If you love hand-sewn projects, you’ll love what we are bringing you today! We are going to show you How To Make A Girl Doll With Free Doll Pattern! This easy hand-sewing project can be made in less than hour with supplies you may already have at home. Make a … Read More

How To Make A Dog Leash – An Easy Sewing Project

Dog Leash Featured Image

Calling all dog owners! Today, we are going to show you this DIY Dog Leash Sewing Tutorial! Having multiple leashes for you pup is a must-have for when they get dirty and stinky. Instead of spending money in store, you can just make one at home with leftover fabric! This … Read More

Easy No-Sew Projects

No sew projects

Sometimes, we just want to make something quick and easy. Today on HappiestCamper, we are going to show you our favorite No-Sew Projects! From blankets and bags to headbands and decorations, these fun and simple no-sew projects are just what you need for those times when you need a break … Read More

How To Sew A Simple Dress With Free Sewing Pattern

Simple Dress Featured

Want a super simple dress to sew? Would you love a party dress that takes little or no time to make? We show you How To Sew A Simple Free Free Sewing Pattern! You guys know I love finding these sewing projects to add to my DIY wardrobe. My sewing … Read More

DIY Car Trash Can Sewing Tutorial

DIY car Trash Can Featured Image

Today we are going to help out all the parents (myself included) with this DIY Car Trash Can Sewing Tutorial! One thing you probably didn’t know when you became a parent was that your car would immediately become a catch-all for all your kids stuff, crumbs, and trash. I wish … Read More

How To Make A Ruffle Skirt – Free Printable Pattern

Ruffle Skirt Featured Image

Today, we have a new project from my sewing friend, Debbie. We are going to show you How To Make A Ruffle Skirt – Free Printable Pattern! This is cute skirt is definitely a winner. Layered to perfection, this will quickly become one of your go to skirts. I love … Read More

15 Youtube Sewing Projects That Are Fun & Easy

Youtube Sewing FEAT 400

Sometimes, you need sewing inspiration that gets your needle going. Other times, you just need to know there’s a sewing resource for ideas and new projects. That’s why we are bringing you these 15 Youtube Sewing Projects That Are Fun & Easy! They tick all the marks! Whether you’re looking for … Read More

How to Make Popsicle Sleeves for Freezer Pops

popsicle sleeve featured image

Do you have kiddos that hate the cold feel of a popsicle on their hands? We show you How To Make Popsicle Sleeves For Freezer Pops! This is such an easy sewing project, making it great for even the most beginner sewers. You can mix it up and make them … Read More

How To Make A Fabric Beverage Holder (Koozie)

Fabric Beverage Holder Featured Image

Are you looking for a more fashionable way to keep your favorite beverages cold? Whether you prefer a drink in a can or bottle, our easy how to make a fabric beverage holder sewing tutorial will help you make your own custom koozie for under $2.00. So cool! Useful to … Read More

Easy DIY Corner Bookmarks From Fabric

fabric bookmarks on book pages

Tired of messing with those paper bookmarks that don’t do anything but get lost in all the shuffle? Why not take charge and make your own instead? These easy DIY corner bookmarks from fabric are a simple and easy sewing project that is totally useful, too! If you’re an avid … Read More

How To Sew A Robe With Free Pattern

Sew A robe featured

Today on HappiestCamper, I’m going to show you How To Sew A Robe With Free Pattern. My house has been chilly lately, and this super cute and comfortable house robe is just what I needed to stay nice and cozy. When my sewing friend, Debbie, showed me this pattern a … Read More

Easy DIY No-Sew Scrunchie

DIY No-Sew Scrunchie Featured Image

I love having long hair, but I needed some scrunchies – and I have a lot of scrap fabric. Today, I’m going to show you this Easy DIY No-Sew Scrunchie! I love making no-sew projects, they’re usually so fast and fun. And this particular no-sew craft is such a quick … Read More