Painted Mason Jar Craft for Valentine’s Day

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I wanted to make a sweet gift with the kids. Something they could help with and I could still have fun–so we made this Painted Mason Jar Craft for Valentine’s Day. Not only are they fun to make, but the kids loved helping to paint the mason jars. I am kind of sad that we’re giving these to the kids’ teachers because they would make an awesome pencil holder for our kitchen counter or desk. It’s ok as we can always make more and can always change things up for different Holidays as we did with these Christmas Mason Jars.

They’re super quick to come together–about 30 minutes total, and they’re really a great piece because they don’t take up too much room, but they do fill in and provide a place to tuck in those sweet treats or gifts! The best part is that this is Valentine’s day craft that the kids can help make.

Easy Craft Valentine Mason Jars

If you’re ready to make an awesome painted mason jar craft for Valentine’s Day, let’s get started.

Supplies for Painted Mason Jar Craft

Mason Jar Craft Supplies

To get started, you’re going to need three clean mason jars (or ball jars or kerr jars, whatever). I preferred ones that had an almost blank side. But I have seen some painted mason jars where they used the sides with the words and it looked very nice–I just didn’t want that for this particular craft.

You’ll also want some acrylic paint or tempera paint. Tempera paint is a little thinner and will seem like it’s not sticking, but you can do a second coat (or even a third), after the first has dried. But acrylic paint is a little more expensive. You could also use puffy paints, but that’s going to make your jars look textured, so just be aware of that. You have to just choose for yourself. I used pink, gold, white, red, bronze and silver paints. Obviously, you’re going to need a paintbrush or two. I got a fine brush from the kid’s play room.

This time I decided to try a new method out and used some masking tape and an Exacto knife, so you’ll want both of those–trust me, it was genius.

Mason Jar Craft Supplies 2

And, finally, I recommend a pencil to generally sketch everything. If you want to, you can seal the mason jars, when you’re done painting them, with some modge podge or hairspray. You don’t have to do this part but it will help the craft last longer and reduce chipping or peeling. 

Now, once you’ve got all that ready, let’s get to actually making the painted mason jar craft for Valentine’s Day.

How to Make a Painted Mason Jar Craft for Valentine’s Day

Clean Mason Jars

First, make sure your mason jars are really clean. You can wipe them down with alcohol, or just a paper towel. The paint is going to stick to whatever is there, so if you do have some kind of label or sticky glue leftover from a label, the paint will stick, but it’s going to show that texture too, so just clean it off.

Masking Tape Mason Jar

Once you’re sure your jars are clean, go ahead and wrap 2 of them with masking tape. Just one layer is enough, no need to overlap it, but definitely cover each well.

XO on Jar

When the tape is in place and well affixed, use your pencil to sketch x’s and o’s on one jar and a large heart on another.

XO removing tape

The next step in making this painted mason jar craft for Valentine’s Day is to take your exacto knife and cut out each of the x’s and o’s, removing the tape outside of the x’s and o’s, not the tape in the design.

Mason Jar Heart

Do the same with the large heart, leaving the large heart in tape on the jar. If you want to, on the un-taped jar, you can sketch on the glass with the pencil (yes, it really works!) where you want each little heart–or you can tape it and do the whole cutting out thing. But I decided that it was overkill for hearts and decided t freehand paint them.

When everything is sketched and cut out, it’s time to actually paint. You’ll want to paint in sections so that you don’t get paint all over your hands as you work. So think about that as you go.

XO jar painted

For the x’s and o’s jar, paint the entirety of the jar white and allow this to dry completely. Do not remove the tape yet. Just let it sit.

Heart Jar Painted

For the large heart jar, paint the entirety of the jar pink and allow this to dry completely. Again, do not remove the tape yet. Just let it sit.

Red Mason Jar

For the tiny hearts jar, paint the entirety of the jar red and allow this to dry completely. If you are pleased with how the paint coated the glass, awesome, but if not, wait until the paint is completely dry and do a second or even third coat. You’re almost done with the painted mason jar craft for Valentine’s Day.

Heart remove tape

When that layer of paint is dry, then you can remove the tape from both the x’s and o’s jar and the large heart jar. And just discard that tape–it’s not necessary to keep it.

xo painted Mason Jar

For the x’s and o’s jar, I filled in the x’s and o’s with bronze, silver and gold metallic paints and let that dry completely.

Heart Outlined on Mason Jar

For the large heart jar, I edged the large heart with gold metallic paint and then decided that it would be fun to have a gold rim at the top, then let that dry completely.

Hearts Painted on Jar

And finally, for the small hearts mason jar, I covered it in tiny hearts from gold, bronze and silver paint. Now, my initial idea was to have the kids turn these into thumbprint hearts by painting their thumbs and pressing them to the jar randomly, but they were not interested in getting paint on their hands. So, we just used our paintbrush. We let that coat of paint dry.

Completed Painted Mason Jars for Valentines Day

Once the paint is dried, if you want to seal it, you can use modge podge or hairspray to complete the painted mason jar craft for Valentine’s Day. Either will work although modge podge has a food-safe formula available, while hairspray is not, so if you plan to have these jars in contact with any food, you might consider using the modge podge food-safe formula. 

XO mason Jar for Valentines Day

Fill jar with candies or Valentines bath salts for a fun sweetheart gift! Imagine placing these in your bathroom filled with soaps for guests, extra toothbrushes and tissues. Or giving these to your kids’ teachers (my plan) so they have a new pencil holder. So cute!

And, really, the best part is that you can get the kids into making this with you. They can paint–it’s super fun. And if you don’t mind dealing with a little mess (and a little messy kid), it’s really educational for them, too, because they get to learn how to paint! 

Plus, if they can have a part in making this easy Valentine’s gift idea, they’re going to be more excited to give it to someone. Let them make this adorable painted mason jar craft for Valentine’s Day as teacher gifts and fill them with the teacher’s favorite candies. You’ll make your kid’s day–and the teacher’s.

Easy DIY Valentine Mason Jars

So, get your mason jars and get to making! Or, if you’re just not ready yet, be sure to pin this to your favorite Valentines’ crafts board on Pinterest, so you can find it fast.

Yield: 3

Painted Mason Jars for Valentine's Day

Easy DIY Valentine Mason Jars Completed

Easy DIY Painted Mason Jars for Valentine's Day. These make a a great gift just fill with candy or a yummy treat.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 20 minutes
Additional Time 15 minutes
Total Time 40 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10.00



  1. Clean and Dry Mason Jars
  2. Wrap 2 of the 3 Jars in Masking Tape
  3. Draw the X's and O's on the one mason jar in Pencil. On the Other Jar Sketch out the Big Heart on the Mason Jar. For the third Jar we will just freehand the small hearts.
  4. Using an Exacto knife trace out the X's and O's and The big Heart.
  5. Remove the Excess Masking tape leaving the X's,O's and the Big Heart.
  6. Paint the Mason Jars the colors of your choosing.
  7. Allow dry and remove the X's and O's and the Heart.
  8. I choose to use bronze, gold, and silver for my paints. I painted in the X's and O's and outlined the Heart. Then I painted on the small hearts.
  9. Allow to dry.
  10. You can use modge podge or hairspray to complete the painted mason jar craft for Valentine’s Day
  11. Fill with candy or treats.

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