RV Necessities

RV Necessities

So, you got a RV.  Whether it’s new or used, there are some things you’ll need to make everything functional, namely important things like electricity, water and the toilet.  These items are necessary no matter what kind of RV you have – motor home, travel trailer, 5th wheel, etc.  You’ll need these RV necessities if you live in the RV or are a weekend warrior.  They aren’t glamorous but need to be purchased BEFORE your first trip.  Trust me.  Just order everything now, and get it over with.  It will make your first hook-up go a lot smoother.

RV Necessities

RV Necessities

Water Regulator – Water pressure varies from campsite to campsite.  Put a water regulator on your water hose to manage the flow into your RV and avoid damaging it.

Water Hose – Don’t use just any old hose to move water from the spigot into your RV.  You need a hose made specifically for RVs that is drinking water safe, even if you don’t plan on drinking the water.

Sewer Hose – A sewer hose is necessary to dump the holding tanks.  These don’t last forever.  They tend to crack from sun exposure, so make sure you buy a new one if you’re purchasing a used RV.  It’s not worth the risk.

Sewer Hose Support  – Many campgrounds require the sewer hose to be lifted off the ground to keep things sanitary.  This convenient hose support is angled so that gravity carries waste in the right direction.

Surge Protector – Similar to the water regulator, electric current varies from campground to campground.  Sometimes it even varies at the same campground from time to time.  Protect your electrical system with a surge protector.  You can never be too safe when it comes to fire safety and the RV.

Electric Cord Adapter – An RV can be connected to either a 30 amp or 50 amp electric source.  Obviously 50 amps provide more power.  This is particularly helpful during the summer when you might be running the air conditioner.  Examine your electric cord to determine how many amps it should be connected to.  An adapter is needed if you’re hooking up a 30 amp cord to a 50 amp connection and vice versa.

Wheel Chocks – These little guys prevent the RV from rolling while it is parked.  That seems important, right?

Leveling Blocks – All campsites are not created equal.  In fact, it’s rare to find one that is completely level.  Leveling blocks can be used under the tires and/or jacks to even things out.  You don’t want the inside of your RV to look like a fun house.

Refrigerator Fan – It can be tricky to keep an RV refrigerator at the proper temperature.  If it’s hot outside (or inside), it will work overtime which leads to frost buildup.  A refrigerator fan keeps the air inside moving to avoid this.  Without it, you may find yourself defrosting the refrigerator with a hair dryer.

Disposable Gloves – The black and grey water tanks must be dumped eventually one way or another.  Buy the gloves.  You’ll thank me later.

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  • I just “found” you and have thoroughly enjoyed learning about your little family and 5th wheel adventures. We live in the pacific northwest (in a stick house) so the camping season hasnt begun yet, but. by March we will be out in our Class A RV. My quilting adventures mostly occur in my 10 x 10 sewing room where quilts, wall hangings, table runners abound. Many in the RV. I look forward to following along on your adventures

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