RV Quilting

RV Quilting

The quilting bug bit me a few years ago, and I wasn’t about to let living in a RV keep me from it.  There wasn’t room in our starter RV to sew or quilt inside, so I set up outside when the weather permitted.  Some campsites had a picnic table to work on.  At others, I set up a portable folding table.  My supplies were stored in an external compartment for easy access, and all projects smelled like a campfire before they were done. Here’s how RV quilting works for me.

RV Quilting

RV Quilting

When shopping for our next RV, a space for quilting was on my must-have list.  You can see my completed craft space in this post.  It is SO convenient to have my sewing machine out all the time.

RV Craft Space

Of course I can’t fit all steps of the quilting process in this space.  The floor is my favorite place to lay out and cut fabric with a rotary cutter.  I always have a helper.

RV Quilting

My husband uses the dining table to iron quilt pieces with my pretty pink iron.  I despise ironing, and he loves me.

RV Quilting

For quilt basting, I have to get creative.  The RV park where we are now has a fantastic laundry room and activity center.  I’m not shy about spreading out on their hard wood floors.

RV Quilting

I load all my quilt basting supplies (quilt top, batting, painter’s tape, and basting pins) into the stroller and walk over – baby included!

RV Quilting

A perk to RV quilting is all the beautiful places that serve as a backdrop for completed quilts.  This little cowboy quilt was a gift for a friend’s baby.

RV Quilting

Another baby quilt for a sea life themed nursery made from a jelly roll of fabric.

RV Quilting RV Quilting

A wedding gift for an Airstream couple who call their rig the Green Moose Lodge.  I ordered the quilt panel from Pattern Jam which allowed me to customize the colors and add their wedding date.

RV Quilting

Some quilt tops were discovered in my grandparents’ attic after they passed.  I’ve repaired and quilted a couple so far, like this brightly colored gem.

RV Quilting

Keeping quilts inside your RV instantly makes it feel like home.  This is another one my grandmother pieced that I love to cuddle up in.  (That new LED light displays it nicely.)

RV Quilting

Quilts can serve as decoration too, like this camper quilt I made for our RV nursery.

RV Nursery

Up next I’ll make a quilt for our bedroom in the RV from leftover curtain fabric.  It should be heavy and warm when it’s done.

RV Quilting

RV quilting is totally possible. You just have to get creative to make it work. If you like this, you’ll love my post on how to Make a Batting Holder with Pallet Wood and this Gift Guide for Quilters.

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24 thoughts on “RV Quilting”

  • Wonderful post! And beautiful quilts! Wherever you are traveling, enjoy! From Sandy of the Wandering Worleys, currently wintering in the Hill Country of Texas!

  • I am an RVer, too. And a beginner quilter. I have made three Christmas wall hangings, one quilt for my granddaughter and my daughter and I made one together for my grandson. I have the bug now! And I plan on taking advantage of the community centers, too.
    Your quilts are extremely nice. Keep quilting.

    Check out our blog at http://[email protected]

    • Thank you for reading, Jessica! I think most hobbies can be kept up in a smaller space if you want it bad enough. Just have to get creative.

  • We will be starting on our full-time RVing adventure very soon. I will be taking one of my sewing/embroidery machines with me! Knowing how much room a large quilt requires, I don’t plan on starting one while on the road, but I will make placemats, potholders, purses and bags, and embroider things. I was so happy to see the pic of you sewing outside! I would love to do that on a nice day! Can’t wait to get started. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Those are great projects, but don’t be deterred from making quilts too. It can be done! I suggest joining the RV Quilters group on Facebook if you haven’t already. There is lots of inspiration to be found there.

  • My 5th wheel had a slide out with desk. My sewing machine was always set up there. Ring and quilting go hand in hand.

  • We are fulltimer’s too! I haven’t quilted in several years but my hubby bought me my dream machine for Christmas this year! I’ve been somewhat intimidated by quilting in my RV because of the lack of space. You’ve given me some great ideas! Thank you so much! We are doing some minor modifications to help as well. I still have one problem. Where do I store my machine? The shop where it was purchased said not to store underneath as the temperature variances will hurt the machine. Any thoughts? Input? It’s a sewing/embroidery machine.

    • That is so exciting! Is there space under the bed for storage? I would pack it under there with my stash for cushion.

    • I store my embroidery machine in the bench for kitchen table along with other sewing supplies. I have a small machine I keep out all the time on a small collapsible table that I use for piecing quilts together and general sewing. I have done this for 3 years now and have had no problems with embroidery machine

    • Well, we HAD a 2007 Mirage by Thor, but it was totaled. We are now saving up to purchase property that will have RV hook-ups. We hope to create the exact place where we would want to park and share that with others.

  • Heather,
    I am inspired by your blog. We are transitioning from a home where I have a large studio into a 25’ class c motor home. Currently I am trying to determine what to bring and what not to bring. Hubby says n sewing machine will fit but I have a smaller Bernina a and it’s gong to ft somewhere. I’m insprred by the idea of sewing out Side.. my biggest problem I nd to ovrcome is having a design wall. But m that noting a foldable has he that I can attach to the side of the rv when I am creating. I do a lot of fusing and n my quilts. I’m determined to find a wa. I’ll be subscribing to your newsletter. My children are grown so good to see younger people living vying this life while they are still young. Have wanted to tak off with myhome on my back since 8was in my tenties. It’s finally coming true at 64. Have fun and I like you k forward to reading your other writings.

    • Hi Cathi,
      Congrats on your new adventure! There are thousands of quilters who live in a RV. It just takes a little creativity to make it work. If you haven’t already, join the RV Quilters group on Facebook. They amaze me with their creations every day. I never had a design wall (in my camper or otherwise), so I don’t have any recommendations there. The group sure will though! Don’t be shy. Quilters and campers are a combination to make up the nicest people. Thanks for following!

      • Hi Heather,
        Thank you for the Facebook group. I love the picture of you sewing beside the campfire. I hope I can make this work. I’m used to a lot of room and having a design wall.. I like to make art quilts which are usually smaller but we shall see how it all works out. Since we will be staying in our rv until we figure out here we want to settle I will have a storage space close to where my daughters are living so we will be there often. I could store stuff there and just pull out what I need. You are brave it looks like you have a young baby or maybe toddler by now. Anyway thank you for the info.

        • Hi Cathi! I’m sure it’s tough to give up all that space, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. No doubt you will figure out how to make it work. The storage space sounds like a great solution. I hope to ‘bump into you’ in the Facebook group. I just love those people! And yes, my son will be two next week. Thank you so much for reading, and best wishes on your RV quilting adventure!

  • So glad to have found your site and learn about the RV Campers on Facebook. I’m new to RVing fulltime and was so discouraged of not being able to quilt. I even sold most of my things. You have given me a new hope and excitement!!

  • I also quilt in my RV. My husband make a board to go across the arms of the loveseat that is removable if we have guest. Works great

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