Top 12 Sewing YouTube Channels For Sewing Tutorials That You Will Love

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We love bringing you tons of fun and simple sewing projects and tutorials here at Happiest Camper. From plushie toys to clothes, to kitchen items, and more, we show you many ways you can save money and learn a new skill at the same time. Today, we want to highlight our Top 12 Sewing Youtube Channels For Sewing Tutorials That You Will Love! This list has some of our favorite seamstresses and sewists, and our hope is to help you continue learning and growing on your sewing journey. Of course, you can always check us out on our youtube channel as well.

Whether you want to save on your holiday shopping by making some cute gifts, or you want to try your hand at making clothes for your kids, we have lots of tutorials that will show you how. We’ve included a few of our favorites, along with our favorite sewing channels to help you along the way. These are our pics for the best sewing channels on youtube due to content and ability to follow along and create the project yourself. Let’s get started!

Top 12 Sewing Youtube Channels

1.With Wendy – This super popular sewing youtube channel and has over 1 million subscribers. With Wendy shows you how to make your own trendy clothes for less as well as thrifty upcycle projects. This is a great place to start if you want to recycle clothing you already have.

2. Melanie Ham – Launched in 2011, this sewing channel has weekly sewing, crochet, and quilting tutorials with beginner-friendly step by step instructions. It is a great source if you are looking for a good variety of content. One of our favorites is her Crochet Berry Blanket project its such a fun sew.

3. Happiest Camper – Did you know that we have a Youtube Channel? You’ll find some of our latest sewing projects and tutorials on Youtube. Most of our tutorials are practical to use for on the go or around the house. Be sure to like and subscribe to stay up-to-date for all our new content! This easy-sew earbud pouch featured above is awesome and keeps your headphones nice and organized. Great for kids who are doing a lot of virtual learning and need headphones ready all the time.

4. Annika Victoria – If you are interested in making your own clothing, this is the sewing channel you want to follow. Annika specializes in recreating high fashion pieces for less and offers tutorials to show you how to make them. She also offers tips for thrifting clothes. She has some super fun projects, like this “hand” bag if you are wanting to make a statement in your spare time.

5. Angela Clayton – Interested in costume making and period fashion? Angela is a costume maker and seamstress. While she can’t film all of her professional projects, her channel offers many great sewing projects for all skill levels. This is the place to find gorgeous dresses and gowns. She takes viewers through making these wonderful pieces so you can make your own at home.

6. MADE Everyday – This channel shows you how to make fun projects with everyday objects. It features fun projects that are great for those wanting to get into sewing. Most of these sewing projects and quick and easy videos that can be done in under 15 minutes. We are halfway through our top 12 sewing youtube channels for sewing tutorials!

7. Coolirpa – This fun channel specializes in upcycling new clothing out of old as well as full clothes making tutorials. If you are looking to add some new flair to your existing wardrobe, this sewing channel is a great place to start.

8. Made by Aya – Another channel specializing in refashion, you’ll find upcycled clothing item tutorials as well as DIY bags and other accessory projects. Unlike most of the previous channels, this one is not connected to a blog, but you’ll also find links and other information on their Facebook page.

9. Melly Sews – Melly Sews is the sewing youtube channel of the popular blog by the same name. She specializes in sewing techniques and tips for beginners and has a wide range of sewing projects for all skill levels. Melly shares great tips as well as fun sewing tutorials that even beginners can make.

10. The Crafty Gemini – This is a great all-around channel as it has sewing tutorials for beginners, quilting, cooking, baking, and even organic gardening. This channel is a great one-stop-shop for anyone wanting to improve their sewing skills in a variety of areas.

11. Sew Very Easy – If you are looking for quality instruction and entertainment as it relates to the world of sewing, Laura with Sew Very Easy has over 45 years as an educator, seamstress, and tailor. She is also a published pattern designer. If you want to get into serious quilting, this is the place to start.

12. Professor Pincushion – While last in our list of sewing youtube channels, it is definitely not least. Launched in 2011, this fun sewing channel offers weekly beginner sewing tutorials and covers everything from simple sewing basics to fun and original projects. There are so many sewing tutorials to choose from you will never get bored.

We hope you find this list of our top 12 sewing Youtube channels for sewing tutorials useful as you take the first steps of your sewing adventure. Be sure to check out our sewing channel to see our latest projects and subscribe so you don’t miss out on all the new sewing content that we push out weekly.

12 Sewing Youtube Channels For Sewing Tutorials That You Will Love

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