The Very Best Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

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What’s in your soap? Do you know? It might include chemicals or scents or other products you don’t want on your skin. Take control of the ingredients by making your own. It’s easier than you think, and you are sure to find one you’ll love in this list of the very best melt and pour soap recipes.

Best melt and pour soap recipes

Melt and pour soap is really that simple. Just melt the ingredients and pour them into a mold or container of your choice. Then wait for it to set, and your soap is ready to use.

Very Best Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

Choose soap recipe that is right for you. Some have moisturizing properties from goat milk or oatmeal, and others are great for skin conditions like rosacea. Add essential oils or herbs for customized scents, or add glitter for the kids. You can even make pocket sized soap to carry in your purse. The options are limitless!

The Very Best Melt and Pour Soap Recipes

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