Easy No-Sew Projects

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Sometimes, we just want to make something quick and easy. Today on HappiestCamper, we are going to show you our favorite No-Sew Projects! From blankets and bags to headbands and decorations, these fun and simple no-sew projects are just what you need for those times when you need a break from the sewing machine. You’ll only need a few supplies to do these depending on the specific project, but these are generally very cheap to make. What’s great about these projects too is that they are easy ways to save money on items you use all the time. The scrunchies, for example, are much more affordable to make when compared to the mark-up in most stores. These projects would also be some fun and simple crafts for older kids. My girls love the headbands and have even brought some of their friends over and made a little party out of it. Sometimes there is just something extra relaxing about doing a no-sew project. If you have been sewing a ton, you can grow accustomed to the drone of the sewing machine without realy realizing how noisy it is. These no-sew projects provide a nice break from your everyday sewing and give you a chance to make something different in more ways than one.

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Whether you are wanting to make a cute gift for someone or are looking for ideas to add some flair to your home and decor, these no-sew projects fit the bill for fun and easy. You can knock out many of these in less than 30 minutes, some much quicker than that. I love these no-sew projects because not only do they provide an easy way to mix up your sewing and crafting, but it is so satisfying to whip something up in less than 30 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my longer clothing sewing projects just as much as the next girl, but there is something magical about getting to work on a fun project at the kitchen table and knocking it out while hanging out with the family instead of in my dark sewing room. Grab your supplies from the list below and let’s get started!

Easy No-Sew Projects

Supplies For No-Sew Projects

These no-sew projects only need a few basic supplies. You’ll need some fabric to start any of these projects. Pick out some colors that work for you or even some fun patterns like I did for the baby blanket. I recommend an iron so that you can press your fabric so that it lays nice and flat and is easier to cut. You’ll need scissors or a rotary cutter to cut out your fabric. I recommend the rotary cutter set with the mat and ruler if you plan on sewing long-term. Lastly, you’ll need some sewing pins or clips to hold your fabric in place while you glue or weave your project together. Once you have gathered all your necessary supplies, let’s dive in to these fun no-sew projects!

No-Sew Projects

And that’s it! We hope you enjoyed our list of these fun no-sew projects. Be sure to let us know what your favorites were or if you have any suggestions for us for new no-sew projects you want to see on the site. These no-sew projects make great gifts, so be sure to make a few extra to give away while you are making some of these for yourself!

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