How to Make a No-Sew Braided Headband Tutorial

With the weather getting much warmer and deciding to do a bit of gardening, I needed to make another headband–and this no-sew braided headband Tutorial using a t-shirt was perfect in every way. Sure, you can always just slap a bandana or a plain headband across the brow and go … Read More

How to Make a No-Sew Fleece Blanket

No Sew Fleece Blanket

I wanted a fun throw blanket but didn’t want to spend a lot of time sewing and really just wanted something super cozy. So I pulled together this fun no-sew fleece blanket. Cozy doesn’t even begin to cover how squishy and wonderful this blanket is. I’m going to be honest, … Read More

How to Sew a Lined Zipper Pouch Tutorial

Final lined zipper pouch

If you are like me you’ve got all kinds of little things you want to put in your purse or take when you travel and it’s nice to have little pouches to keep all the things together! This makes it so much neater in your purse or when you travel. … Read More

DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe

DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe

If you can’t tell lately there is a theme with my DIY projects. I am finally getting around to making many of my own laundry supplies and cleaning supplies. I have made my own dryer sheets, dryer balls, and dishwashing detergent. Since I had done these easy DIY’s I figured … Read More

DIY Homemade Dryer Sheets


Like any parent, our loads of laundry always seems to be never-ending. Due to this, it seems I always find those little used dryer sheets in random places like under the couch or even in my clothes. I started to think there has to be a better way than creating … Read More

How to Sew a Japanese Knot Bag with Free Pattern

Japanese Knot Bag

This super cute and functional bag makes an amazing option for a purse or simply a new bag for a quick trip to the grocery store. This also makes a sweet gift for that special girl or lady in your life. Super lightweight and easy to mail off for a … Read More

How to Make a Microwave Bowl Cozy

Bowl cozy in use

You know, with all the technology and advances in science I think we could find a way to come up with a bowl that doesn’t get hot in the microwave. How many times have you reached in there without thinking about the bowl being hot and burned your fingers, or … Read More

Easy Sew Drawstring Fabric Gift Bag

Reusable Fabric Gift Bag

With this tutorial, you can easily use any fabric scraps you may have to make reusable fabric gift bags. Gone are the days of spending money on pricey gift bags that don’t fit correctly or aren’t the exact color or style that you want. Now with this Easy Sew Drawstring … Read More

How to Sew a Face Mask

Sew a Face Mask feature

I had thought about making this sewing tutorial before but due to the times we are in I decided to get on this DIY face mask and share it with yall. I typically make and use these when I am outside dealing with the chickens on dusty days or working … Read More

How to Sew a Pillowcase

Sew a Pillowcase feature

As seasons change it always has me wanting to freshen things up around the home or RV. I was making the bed this morning I realized that two of our pillowcases had holes in them. This inspired me to change up our pillowcase and share with you how to sew … Read More

16 Easy Mothers Day Gifts to Sew


If you have followed my blog for long you know that I love to give gifts. From Holidays to birthdays I enjoy celebrating the ones I love with handmade gifts when possible. Due to that, I created a list of 16 easy Mothers Day gifts to sew. The best part about … Read More

Ombre DIY Easter Basket

DIY ombre easter baskets featured

I wanted to start a new tradition with the kids for Easter–making our own DIY Easter Baskets. This year’s baskets are so simple but turned out to be so fun, I will always love these little ombre DIY easter baskets. They were simple to make and they came out looking … Read More