RV Faucet Replacement Tutorial

Install RV Faucet

The RV faucet in our 2003 fifth wheel stopped moving from side to side, and the nozzle didn’t automatically retract any more.  A replacement was long overdue.  Fortunately, installing a new RV faucet was fairly straight forward once we figured out the secret. How to Install A RV Faucet Begin … Read More

How To Make Fleece Crib Sheets

Fleece Baby Crib Sheet

During the winter I put cozy fleece sheets on our bed, which made me think about adding a layer of warmth to the baby crib as well.  An internet search didn’t turn up any ready-made fleece crib sheets, so I made my own – and I did it for under … Read More

RV Necessities

RV Necessities

So, you got a RV.  Whether it’s new or used, there are some things you’ll need to make everything functional, namely important things like electricity, water and the toilet.  These items are necessary no matter what kind of RV you have – motor home, travel trailer, 5th wheel, etc. RV … Read More

RV Quilting

RV Quilting

The quilting bug bit me a few years ago, and I wasn’t about to let living in a RV keep me from it.  There wasn’t room in our starter RV to sew or quilt inside, so I set up outside when the weather permitted.  Some campsites had a picnic table … Read More

RV LED Lights Replacement Tutorial

RV LED Lights

We knew pretty quickly one of our renovation projects would be to replace the RV LED lights in our 2003 fifth wheel. They did not fit my design aesthetic. Look at the photo. Does this fit anyone’s design aesthetic?  Seriously, who thought a heavily patterned couch paired with a wallpaper … Read More

Thoughts for the Happiest Holidays

Happy Camper Holiday

As Christmas quickly approaches, please remember that everything you do is a choice.  You are not obligated to attend every party you’re invited to.  Your cookies do not have to be perfect, if you choose to bake them at all.  Only give gifts that bring YOU joy.  The monetary value of gifts … Read More

RV Renovation: Craft Space

RV Makeover Craft Space

The next stop on our RV renovation tour is my craft space.  Living in a camper doesn’t have to hinder your creative spirit.  All you really need is a little space to hold your supplies.  Working in a campground activity center is an option, and you can always move the … Read More

RV Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffer Gifts for RV Campers

Do you have a RVer on your list this year? These RV stocking stuffers are small and practical, which is perfect for a minimalist or full time RVer. Let’s get to the list! For larger items, check out my Gift Guide for RVers.  Or if you love sewing or crafting … Read More

RV Gift Guide

Gift Guide for RV Campers

This RV gift guide is perfect for the camper on your list.  Fulltime or occasional, anyone with an RV will love these gifts! If you like this post, you might also like this list of ideas for Stocking Stuffers for RVers. More RV and Camping Ideas How to Choose a … Read More

RV Window Coverings for Temperature Control

RV Window Coverings

RV window coverings are ugly.  New or old, they are all ugly.  No matter the make, model or year, I have never seen an RV that I would be happy living in untouched.  The wallpaper and curtains are the biggest culprits and, fortunately, easy to change. If you don’t want … Read More

RV Nursery

RV Camper Baby Nursery

The best part about living in a RV, by far, is the people.  There’s a reason they are called happy campers!  It is fairly easy to make new friends in parks due to the close proximity, but there is also a HUGE online community of folks who are planning to … Read More