RV Renovation: Craft Space

RV Renovation:  Craft Space

The next stop on our RV renovation tour is my craft space.  Living in a camper doesn’t have to hinder your creative spirit.  All you really need is a little space to hold your supplies.  Working in a campground activity center is an option, and you can always move the party outside.  I recently basted a quilt in the laundry room!

Quilt Baste

Moving from the nursery at the back of the RV forward, we come to two opposing slide-outs.  One side holds my craft space, the television, and other entertainment items.  Here is what it looked like before we started painting.

RV Renovation

RV Renovation

And after!  It’s amazing what a coat of paint (and a bigger television) can do.

RV Craft Space

It’s so nice to have my sewing machine out all the time.  I find that I use it much more than when I had to dig it out and plug it in.  Plus you can’t beat the ever-changing view.

View from Sewing Machine

The cabinets above the machine hold thread and small pieces of fabric.  Larger pieces are stored under the bed.

RV Craft Space

RV Craft Space

Drawers below the sewing machine contain fabric scissors, notions, elastic, velcro, a glue gun, glitter, and other odds and ends.

RV Craft Space

In the thin cabinet on the bottom I have works in progress, paint, basting spray, and scrapbook paper.  Magazine holders help keep things tidy and in place during travel.

RV Craft Space

Beneath the television has a CD holder and space for a receiver.  The older technology was not covered by cabinet doors, so I added the skirt to hide it.  I’m still trying to figure out what to store in those awkward shaped spaces. Above the television we keep books, DVDs, puzzles, card games (our favorite), and markers.RV Craft SpaceI plan on switching out the chair when I find something that strikes my fancy.  The hardware will get an update during the RV renovation process too.  I’m having the hardest time settling on a design.  There are over 40 handles in this RV!

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