Breakfast Eggs – 20 New Ways to Eat Eggs for Breakfast

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The best part of raising chickens is collecting and EATING their delicious eggs. They are rich and creamy and packed with flavor unlike eggs you buy at the grocery store.

With less cholesterol and higher nutritional value, eggs from free ranging chickens are healthier too. We have a bunch of chickens (who knows how to do chicken math?), therefore, we have an abundance of eggs.

New ways for Breakfast Eggs

Did you know that farm fresh eggs don’t have to be refrigerated? This fun egg holder sits on the kitchen counter to hold ours.

I am trying new recipes to incorporate more eggs into all of our meals, but this list focuses on breakfast. These are all approved by my family, even the one-year-old. Some of these breakfast eggs are quick and easy, while others are more involved for a slow weekend morning. They are all delicious!

Breakfast Eggs

Breakfast Eggs

New Ways to Eat Eggs for Breakfast

20 Ways to Eat Eggs for Breakfast

No matter how you like your breakfast eggs cooked, you will find your new favorite recipe in this list. With 20 options to choose from, I found several!

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