Idaho Pasture Pigs

Idaho Pasture Pig

We have been raising Idaho Pasture Pigs since August 2017 at the Happiest Camper Homestead in Big Stone Gap, VA.  It is a new breed of pigs that are not aggressive and graze for food.  Idaho Pasture Pigs are a medium sized pig that reach a butcher weight of 200-250 lbs. … Read More

Shop with Your Heart for Farm Animals

This Year Shop With Your Heart, And Help Farm Animals In The Process I care deeply about animals, all animals big and small really. But I find it easier to do things for cats and dogs than for farm animals. The ASPCA realized how easy it is to do things … Read More

It’s All Temporary

It's All Temporary

I began this year living in a RV in northern Arizona, and I am finishing it in a house in southwestern Virginia. My home is different. My surroundings are different. My priorities are different. It has been a year of uncertainty, flexibility, growth, and great joy that leaves me with … Read More

Train Table Makeover with Alphabet Magnets

Train Table Makeover

Disclosure: This train table makeover post is sponsored by ETI Envirotex.  All thoughts and opinions are my own. Train tables offer hours of fun for active toddlers.  They are short tables that small hands can easily reach and usually feature bright graphics of towns for toy trains and trucks to … Read More

My CRPS Story

RSD CRPS Awareness

November is CRPS awareness month, and, after five years, Dave is ready to share his story with the life-changing disease. What is CRPS? “Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, CRPS, formerly known as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), is a progressive disease of the Autonomic Nervous System, and more specifically, the Sympathetic Nervous … Read More

Yellow Dresser Makeover

Dresser Makeover Mustard Yellow

We have a bright and happy yellow dresser makeover to share with you.  It was one of the first pieces of furniture we purchased after totaling our RV and moving into a house rather suddenly.  It was tucked away in a booth at an indoor flea market.  Initially, we asked … Read More

Quilter Gift Guide

Gift Guide for Quilters

This quilter gift guide only includes products that are tried and true.  I personally own each item and use them in every quilt I make.  Quilters of all skill level can use these gift items, from beginner to advanced.  Also, they are all consumable or wear out over time, so … Read More

Cranial Helmet FAQ’s Answered By A Mom

Idaho Pasture Pig

My son wore his first cranial helmet for nearly 4 months before growing out of it. His head looked significantly better, but the measurements could still improve. Making the decision to move forward with a second helmet was easy, despite the 4-hour drive to our nearest clinic. Here are some … Read More

Happiest Camper Quilt Free Pattern

Happiest Camper Quilt Free Pattern

This Happiest Camper quilt is so fun! After totaling our RV and being forced to rent a house, we suddenly had multiple rooms to fill with beds to cover.  I wanted to make something bright and cheerful for the master bedroom that would come together quickly. I started with 5″ … Read More

Child Passenger Safety Week

Child Seat Safety

Ensuring child passenger safety is SO important. When our RV was totaled, thank goodness the baby was safely strapped into his car seat. The seat (we had this travel system) was appropriate for his weight, height and age, and the installation was checked by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. … Read More

Happiest Camper Homestead

Happiest Camper Homestead

It has been four months since we totaled our RV and settled on a 5-acre homestead in southwestern Virginia.  The house is (mostly) furnished, and we are no longer going to the store every day to replace missing items.  We are moving out of survival mode and beginning to enjoy … Read More

23 Smoker Recipes

Smoker Recipes

Meat cooked in a smoker is heavenly, but did you know you can bake cake in a smoker?  Really! Now that we are stationary, we purchased a secondhand smoker and a load of wood.  These are our favorite recipes to make in a smoker, and we can’t wait to get … Read More