Happiest Camper Quilt Free Pattern

Happiest Camper Quilt Free Pattern

This Happiest Camper quilt is so fun! After totaling our RV and being forced to rent a house, we suddenly had multiple rooms to fill with beds to cover.  I wanted to make something bright and cheerful for the master bedroom that would come together quickly. I started with 5″ … Read More

Child Passenger Safety Week

Child Seat Safety

Ensuring child passenger safety is SO important. When our RV was totaled, thank goodness the baby was safely strapped into his car seat. The seat (we had this travel system) was appropriate for his weight, height and age, and the installation was checked by a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician. … Read More

Happiest Camper Homestead

Happiest Camper Homestead

It has been four months since we totaled our RV and settled on a 5-acre homestead in southwestern Virginia.  The house is (mostly) furnished, and we are no longer going to the store every day to replace missing items.  We are moving out of survival mode and beginning to enjoy … Read More

23 Smoker Recipes

Smoker Recipes

Meat cooked in a smoker is heavenly, but did you know you can bake cake in a smoker?  Really! Now that we are stationary, we purchased a secondhand smoker and a load of wood.  These are our favorite recipes to make in a smoker, and we can’t wait to get … Read More

Easy Scrapbook Paper Banner

Scrapbook Paper Banner

This scrapbook paper banner adds whimsy and color to any space. My sewing machine was another casualty in our RV wreck.  I was really getting into quilting and had several projects in the works, so an upgrade was in order.  It needed to have a wide throat to fit larger … Read More

RV Insurance Claim Tips

Navigating a RV Insurance Claim

Your RV is damaged.  Now what?  Here is how we navigated our RV insurance claim after a wreck and some tips we learned along the way. First, always carry full coverage insurance for all your vehicles.  We chose GEICO as our insurance carrier for the RV and tow vehicle, both … Read More

Why My Baby Wears a Cranial Helmet

Baby Cranial Helmet

Our son, Sadler wears a cranial helmet, and we receive lots of questions about it. This post provides some answers about why head needs it and the process to get it. Sadler was born with a misshapen head most likely attributed to his position in the womb.  Babies can also … Read More

Vintage Metal Chairs Makeover

DIY Vintage Metal Star Chair Makeover

We are finding all kinds of interesting things on our rental property, like a set of awesome vintage metal chairs.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, right? Dave surprised me by pulling these punched metal chairs with stars out of the woods one day. They are pretty cute, and … Read More

Our Truck & RV are Totaled

RV Totaled Wreck

It’s official.  Both the truck and RV are totaled, so now I can share the whole story. We were traveling eastbound on I-20 through Mingus, Texas.  My husband was driving (thank goodness!), and it was time fuel up.  I was riding in the backseat with our 8-month-old son.  Upon exiting … Read More

20 Delicious BBQ Burgers

Burger Recipes for BBQ Grill

Dave could eat burgers for every meal, every day.  He can BBQ a mean burger too.   We purchased this little grill for our RV and fell in love with it.  Now that we live in a house, the BBQ grill made its way onto the deck where it continues … Read More

RV Flooring: How to Install Step by Step

How to Install RV Flooring

Here’s the final tutorial about our RV that was totaled a week after we finished renovations, and it’s all about how to install RV flooring.  We will cover how to remove the previous carpet and linoleum, choosing the right flooring for a RV, preparing to install flooring (especially when you … Read More

RV Makeover

Camper RV Makeover Renovation

We put a lot of work into our RV makeover in the weeks leading up to it getting totaled. (More about that here.)  If I had known what I know now, I would have taken a lot more photos.  There was still some finishing work to be done, but these … Read More