RV Nursery

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The best part about living in a RV, by far, is the people.  There’s a reason they are called happy campers!  It is fairly easy to make new friends in parks due to the close proximity, but there is also a HUGE online community of folks who are planning to RV fulltime and those who are already living the RV dream.  Fulltime Families is one of these communities that caters to RVers with children.  Their Facebook group has nearly 15,000 members, and they are super helpful in navigating many RV related topics from attractions to visit to homeschooling options to internet connectivity.  One question that comes up over and over again in this group is how to accommodate a baby in the RV, so I thought I would start there with our camper tour.  This post shares how I make a RV nursery work for my two-month-old.

RV Nursery

RV Nursery

Our RV nursery is set up at the rear end of the 5th wheel.  Typically two recliners fill this space when the RV comes from the factory.  The small cupboard in the center houses a breaker box and converter.  Items cannot be placed up against it blocking the side vents for airflow.  Here is a photo of what it looked like when we recently took possession of the 2003 rig and before renovations began.

RV Back End

Let’s begin with the crib since that is usually the focal point of a nursery.  I chose a mini crib to fit on one side of the space without impeding the slide.  The crib converts into a toddler bed and even a twin size bed to grow with baby.  Space beneath the crib is currently prime storage space for wipes, formula, and awkward shaped items that baby will grow into.  Sleeves of extra diapers are tucked between the head of the crib and the back wall.

RV Nursery Mobile                                   Mini Crib / Diaper Bag Backpack / Mobile / Crib Organizer

Originally I wanted the crib on the left so it was easier to see baby from the couch, but that side is shorter than the right when slides are taken into consideration.  This photo shows how it fits when the slides are out.  On travel days the car seat goes in the truck with baby, the swing is tucked between the crib and glider, and we are good to go.  The slides move with ease creating a separate room for the nursery.

RV Nurse Slide                                                Car Seat / Diaper Bag Backpack / Mini Crib

While the crib is mini compared to a standard size crib, there will be plenty of room for baby for a long time.  Other families have said their children stayed in the crib until they were two years old before converting it to a toddler bed.  My two-month-old will definitely get a lot of use out of it.

RV Nursery Mini Crib                                                      Mesh Bumper / Crib Sheet / Mobile

Husband and I are both loving the diaper bag backpack.  It has pockets for everything baby needs, so we don’t waste time searching for things while the baby is crying.  Wearing it hands-free is a great convenience too.  The crib organizer keeps diapers, wipes, butt paste, nail clippers, shampoo, and other basic necessities easy to access.

RV Nursery Crib Organizer                                        Crib Organizer / Baby Wipes / Diapers / Butt Paste

Plastic baskets were placed in the overhead cabinets for clothes and linens in the RV nursery.  There is one for clothes that currently fit baby, one for clothes he will grow into, one for swaddle blankets, and one for hooded towels, wash cloths, burp clothes, bibs, etc.  Yes, that is blue painter’s tape across the top.  Baby came sooner than expected, so we’re still working on that.

RV Nursery Storage                                                                       RV Nursery Storage Baskets                                                                                 Plastic Baskets

On the left side of the RV nursery we have a glider, toy box, and swing.  My parents painted the glider and recovered the cushions as a gift, so I don’t have a link for that.  There also isn’t a link for the camper quilt.  I made it.  Someday I might even take it down, so baby can actually use it.

RV Nursery Glider

A fabric covered box is tucked under the window which holds toys and books.  I usually keep another small bin over there for clothes and items that baby outgrows.  It just happened to be in the truck for a drop-off when I took these photos.

RV Nursery Toys

I admit that the swing is a bit cumbersome for a RV, but baby loves it.  He often falls asleep with the gentle swinging motion, so it stays.  As I mentioned above, it fits between the glider and crib when traveling.

RV Nursery Swing

That concludes our RV nursery tour.  Please comment below or visit our social media channels if you have questions about any of the items mentioned or setting up a nursery in your home on wheels.  I’m happy to help!RV NurseryIf you like this post, you might like to see the rest of our RV Makeover and how I made Fleece Crib Sheets to keep baby warm.

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  1. It’s a wonderful place for your girl to grow up in! I do like your curtains very much. I made light colored curtains out of Art Gallery Fabric, too expensive, too thin, too lite color, and it’s too cold! It’s good I can take them down and use them for a quilt back!! I love your ideas and what a great sewing room it would make for those retired, like me. Thank you for sharing!!

    • Love the nursery ideas and how you pulled everything together. And the sewing room\area idea for us retirees. We have the same 5th wheel, reversed, and plan to travel. Have to work on this. The curtains I plan to do for a hunt trailer for my guys. Great information.


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