40+ Easy Zero Waste Projects for the Home

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A lot of people doing a little to reduce waste at home can add up to a big impact. This list of zero waste projects for the home are easy to both make and implement. I created this list to help those get started on the zero-waste journey. It is something my family is slowly moving towards as every little bit helps.

40 Beginner Zero Waste Projects for the Home

What are Zero Waste Projects?

Zero waste projects can be anything from upcycling an item to be used in a different way than it was originally intended. An example would be upcycling a T-shirt into a headband. Another Zero-waste project is making a new product that replaces something disposable. Think of makings a reusable kitchen sponge instead of those disposable ones. Any project that reduces waste in the home is welcome on this list.

Some of the projects may take a few minutes while some take a few hours, especially if painting is involved. They are all easy enough for beginners to tackle and even easier to incorporate into a zero-waste lifestyle. As I find projects that are worthwhile I will continue to grow this list to help us all.

40+ Easy Zero Waste Projects for the Home

Simple DIY projects you can do at home to make progress toward a zero waste lifestyle.

Now you have plenty of zero-waste projects that you can work on. Don’t overwhelm yourself and just try to tackle a couple at a time. I have found that when I am on a zero-waste sewing kick I can knock out two or three of the projects in no time flat. Some of you may be able to do some of these even quicker if you have everything you need on hand.

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