16 Easy Mothers Day Gifts to Sew

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If you have followed my blog for long you know that I love to give gifts. From Holidays to birthdays I enjoy celebrating the ones I love with handmade gifts when possible. Due to that, I created a list of 16 easy Mothers Day gifts to sew. The best part about this list is that even a beginner can make all of these Mothers day gifts.

The reason I love giving sewing gifts for Mother’s day is the ability to customize the gift to the person. We all know that mothers love gifts when there is thought and effort put behind the gift and isn’t just a gift card. I know that my mother in law loves everything chickens, so I can choose an appropriate fabric for her gift. At some point or another, I have given these sewing projects as a gift for a holiday, birthday or just to say thanks in a unique way!

STANDARD SUPPLIES FOR THE Easy Mothers Day Gifts to Sew

Below are some of the basics you will need to sew the Mother’s day gifts. Note each project has its own supply list that you should check, but I wanted to give you a list of basics for the easy Mothers day gifts to sew. Honestly, unless you are just getting started you will have most of these items on hand.

16 Easy Mothers Day Gifts to Sew

Now you have over 16 easy Mother’s day gifts to sew for your friends and family. Or even make some for your self, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I am sure there is a gift for every mother, mother-in-law, or grandmother on this list. While most of these sewing projects a beginner can do there are a few that take a little skill, but everyone should be able to do them with the tutorials we have provided. So pick one of the sewing gifts and get started today and you will have your Mother’s day gifts complete in no time.

If you loved these ideas, but you’re not quite ready to break out the sewing machine just yet, be sure to pin this to your favorite sewing or Mother’s day gift board on Pinterest so you can find it again when you are ready. Once you do sew the gift be sure to tag us on social media with what you make as we always love seeing what others make and their fabric choices.


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    I just saw your great fun mothers day gift patterns.. love them all.. I can’t wait to make the camper pot holder.. they look so fun & easy to make.. it can easily be made with material from from stash.. give us something to do while I lif styles are turned upside down..
    I want thank you so much


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