Easy Sew Christmas Gifts

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I love giving gifts year-round but especially at Christmas time. Giving gifts is definitely my love language to show people that I love them, especially with a handmade gift. It might be why I find random reasons to give my friends and family gifts. While store-bought gifts are great, I have found that homemade gifts always add that little extra. Due to that, I created a list of over 20 easy sew Christmas gifts. The best part about this list is that even a beginner can make these Christmas gifts.

The reason I love giving sewing gifts for Christmas is the ability to customize the gift to the person. For example, I have a friend that loves flowers I can use floral fabrics in what I create or another who loves chickens I can use a chicken-themed fabric to customize the Christmas sewing projects. At some point or another, I have given these Christmas sewing projects as a Christmas gift and they were all well received.

20 Easy Sew Christmas Gifts

Standard Supplies for the Easy Sew Christmas Gifts

Below are some of the basics you will need to sew the Christmas gifts. Note each project has its own supply list that you should check, but I wanted to give you a list of basics to make Christmas gifts. Honestly, unless you are just getting started you will have most of these items on hand which will enable you to make these Christmas sewing projects.

Plus I am always looking for Christmas gift ideas that I can plan to make a put under the Christmas Tree. Have a Merry Christmas by sewing the perfect gift for the ones you love using the free tutorials and free patterns below.

What Christmas gifts can I sew?

Reading Pillow with books in it

1. How to make a Reading Pillow

This adorable project would make a great Christmas gift for any boy or girl. Just change up the fabric to their tastes and you have a winner for someone that loves to read. Of course, this is a great gift for adults too.

camper potholder pattern

2. RV Camper Potholder

This is a great easy sew Christmas gift to anyone that has an RV or camper. If can be customized to even look like their camper if you want to freehand the pattern. Otherwise, you can use the free sewing pattern included and just change up the fabric colors.

Pet Christmas Stocking

3. Easy Sew Pet Christmas Stocking

This Pet Stocking makes the perfect Easy sew Christmas gift for the fur baby in your family. Not only do you get step-by-step instructions on sewing the Christmas stocking but it includes the pattern too!

t shirt Headbands

4. Sew a Headband with Scraps

Turn those fabric scraps or even old T-shirts into adorable headbands! This is a simple sew gift that even a beginner can do.

5. DIY Zero Waste Kitchen Sponges

Give the gift that keeps on giving clean dishes. I know not everyone will love sponges, but you can make these to match their kitchen colors or design. It an easy sew Christmas Gift and even a beginner can make.

Sewing Tote Bag

6. Placemat Tote Bag

I love this easy sew Christmas gift idea because it uses Dollar store placemats! Yes, you just need some dollar store placemats and your sewing machine. The people you give it to will love it and they don’t have to know it uses Placemats.

Easy Christmas Gifts To Sew

7. Christmas Tree Napkins

These are the perfect Christmas gifts to sew for someone that loves to host friends and family for the Holidays! Why pay in-store prices when you can make these chic, trendy napkins yourself? They show you step-by-step How To Fold & Make A Christmas Tree Napkin with this easy Christmas sewing project.

Zero waste makeup remover pads

8. Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Every woman these days love to have things that are custom or personalized. Now you can surprise them with customized makeup remover pads. Make them out of their favorite color and include their favorite makeup remover as a thoughtful gift!

Finished DIY Reusable Tea Bags

9. Easy Sew Tea Bags for Christmas

Make these Adorable tea bags and packaged with some loose leaf tea for a great Christmas gift. These tea bags are easy to make and are a great beginner sewing project. You can customize the button as well, but I think the roses are cute.

Handmade Cloth Napkins

10. Handmade Cloth Napkins

One of my go-to easy Christmas gifts is always cloth napkins. I think it adds that extra touch of elegance to any dinner party. Choose your favorite fabric is making these for yourself, or if making it for a gift pick something that goes with their kitchen decor. This is an easy sew Christmas gift that anyone can do.

How to Sew a Japanese Knot Bag with Free Pattern

11. Sew a Japanese Knot Bag with Free Pattern

This is a great Christmas gift for any girl or lady in your life. I love this easy-sew Japanese knot bag so much that I personally have made several and given them as gifts. They are fun to make and easily customizable with your fabric choices. Plus this one includes a sewing pattern.

Christmas Stockings

12. Sew a Christmas Stocking

This is a great Christmas gift for any family member as who wouldn’t love a new Christmas Stocking? I know I would love it! The Stockings are easily customizable with your fabric choices to suit any person’s taste. I love this free tutorial because it includes a free sewing pattern, video tutorial and shows you how to create your own Christmas stocking pattern!

Easy Beach Towel Cover Up

13. Easy Sew Beach Towel Cover-Up

This is a great handmade gift for the beach lover. It’s an easy repurposing of a beach towel to make it into a cover-up. Give them this and a bottle of sunscreen or a cute sunshade hat to complete this Christmas gift.

14. Kitchen Boa Towel

Know someone that loves to cook but doesn’t like a mess then this easy sewing project is a must make a gift for them. I never thought I would enjoy using a kitchen boa until I tried on and now I rarely cook without mine. They show you step-by-step How To Make A Kitchen Boa Towel Scarf For Beginners.

Hanging Kitchen towel

15. Hanging Potholder & Kitchen Towel

Never look for that towel or potholder again with this EASY sew gift. You can customize it to their kitchen colors or just their favorite colors. Everyone I have given this Christmas gift to has loved it and use it all the time.

Easy Fleece Crib Sheet

16. Fleece Crib Sheets

If you have a friend with a newborn or someone that is expecting this is a great Christmas gift to sew. You can customize it for a boy or girl. The best part is this sewing project uses a pre-bought fleece sheet to transform it into a baby crib sheet. Keep going as we have more Christmas gift ideas for you.

Oranges in Zero-Waste Produce Bags

17. Reusable Produce Bags

Me, I love practical gifts because they are something I can use every day. This is one of those types of gifts, as you can use it weekly as you go to the grocery store. Plus you don’t have to throw away or deal with those plastic bags anymore just remember to bring your produce bags along.

18. DIY Ice Cream Pint Cozy

I enjoy practical gifts because they are something I can enjoy every day and this one is extra special since it involves ice cream. Make this fun gift that any adult of kid will love a simple sew ice cream pint cozy. Pick out what you think would be their favorite fabric to customize it just for them.

Placemat apron sewing project

19. Easy Sew Placemat Apron

I am always in the kitchen and I got tired of getting spills on my clothes. I decided to make this cute placemat apron and I love it. I added it to my Christmas sewing list all you need is to grab a couple of dollar store placemats and with a little time and sewing, you will have you an adorable apron.

20. Easy Plastic Bag Dispenser

Have a ton of plastic bags in a plastic bag then change it up and make a container that is more presentable and proud to show off! Sew this Plastic bag dispenser as a practical Christmas gift that anyone and everyone can use.


21. Simple Jar Opener

This easy-sew Christmas gift is so simple even the kids can make it. The jar opener is one of those gifts everyone needs and loves but no one asks for it. Make sure to choose a fabric to match their kitchen decor and even include a jar of their favorite jam or even homemade salsa.

Happiest Camper Quilt

22. Camper Quilt

Just about anyone would love this camper quilt. Not only is it adorable for those that love RVing or camping but it will also keep them warm.

Easy Soap Holder Wash Cloth

23. Wash Cloth Soap Holder

No one likes to waste things. This easy sew Christmas gifts, helps you get every last drop out of your soap. It is a simple washcloth soap holder that is great for just about anyone. Customize the colors or keep it simple. Make this and give them a few bars of their favorite soap, perfect as a stocking stuffer.

Oilcloth Lunch Bag Tutorial

24. Lunch Bag

Whether your a working adult or a student just about everyone brings their lunch at least a couple of times a week. Why not make it a reason they remember you by making them a custom lunch bag.

Zero Waste Unpaper Towels

25. Zero Waste UnPaper Towels

While these zero waste unpaper towels may not make the hot gift list, it does make a great gift. I make these with colors that go with their kitchen decor as well as include a bottle of cleaning solution. You would be surprised how many when I visit their home comment on how much they love and use them.

How To Sew A Minky Baby Blanket

26. Sew a Minky Baby Blanket

If you have a bundle of joy of your own or you are making this for friends or family. This makes a great easy sew Christmas gift. Plus I know my babies loved rubbing that soft Minky blanket that helped to calm them down.

How To Make A Cowl Scarf

27. Warm Winter Cowl Scarf

As the weather cools of there is nothing better than a warm scarf around your neck. This is such an easy sewing project that makes a great Christmas gift for any friend or family member. I show you how to make this Cowl scarf with a little bit of material and a few steps.

28. Reversible Shopping Bag

This isn’t a Christmas gift that someone will typically ask for but it is one that once they have it they will use it all the time. It helps to get rid of plastic bags by using this reusable shopping bag and the best part is the sewing project is so easy even a beginner can sew it!

Easy Sew Circle Zip Earbud Pouch Create Card

29. Circle Zip Earbud Pouch

If you are like me you are always losing your earbuds or worse than end up at the bottom of your purse. Now you can always know where your earbuds are with this Circle Zip Earbud pouch that you can make today as it even comes with a sewing pattern.

Final Product chapstick holder keychain attached to a purse

30. Easy DIY Chapstick Holder Keychain

This is the perfect easy sew Christmas gift that even a beginner can sew. Plus it is such a great gift that you can fill it with their favorite chapstick. This project just takes a little bit of fabric and time to make an cute Chapstick holder keychain. You can always make it as a stocking stuffer gift.

31. Sew an Instant Pot Cover

I start my Christmas sewing early each year and this is a great Christmas gift for any lady that loves an instant pot. I know I use my instant pot often and now I don’t feel like I have to put it away since I made this amazing cover. Every time someone is over and hasn’t seen it before they ask where I got it and I can tell them I made it myself!

32. No-Sew Tote Bag

Ok, this one isn’t technically an Easy sew Christmas gift, it is a no-sew Christmas gift. I included this one on the list as anyone can make it even if you don’t have a sewing machine all you need is a T-shirt, a pair of scissors and your hands.

Now you have over 20 easy sew Christmas Gifts you can make for your friends and family. Or even make some for your self, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. I am sure there is a gift for everyone on this list. While most of these sewing projects a beginner can do there are a few that take a little skill, but everyone should be able to do them with the tutorials we have provided. So pick one of the sewing gifts and get started today.

20 Christmas Gifts You Can Sew

If you loved these ideas, but you’re not quite ready to break out the sewing machine just yet, be sure to pin this to your favorite sewing or Christmas gift board on Pinterest so you can find it again when you are ready.


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